Blogdrive Tag Board Rules

Please keep in mind that this is an all ages Tag board, and is read and used by young posters.
While many people view this Tag board, very few actually post.

The following rules are your guide to behavior on this Tag board. These rules address the general issues, while moderators and administrators address the specific issues. If a moderator appears to be in opposition of one of these rules, the moderator is always right. All IPs and activities are logged. The Moderators have the right to delete and/or Ban for any reason they wish. Do not argue with them - if you feel you've been wronged or misrepresented, you're welcome to contact us by email. Voicing your objections on the Tag board itself is not accepted.

  1. No swearing. Do not use bad language. Be careful of your manner, especially against fellow posters.

  2. Tag in ENGLISH Only. We read/write english, we can understand some words in a few other languages, but if we can't read what you wrote then your entries will be deleted.

  3. Moderators. This Tag board is moderated by several people, all with the ability to delete entries, ban users and a couple have the ability to ban you completely from accessing the Tag board on all sites enabled with our Tag boards.

  4. No links to offensive content. This includes, but is not limited to :

    • Any form of gore and excessive violence
    • Any form of pornography and strong sexually suggestive material
    • Racist and hate speech material
    • Any material generally considered rude or vulgar

    It is sometimes reasonable to link to another web site that contains intermediate material because of its positive aspects; a medical article with graphic pictures of surgery for instance. Please warn people about what they might see.

  5. No links to illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to :

    • Material associated with illegal drugs and drug use
    • Material associated with the making weapons and explosives or committing crimes
    • Pirated software, music, or other media, including modern commercial game emulation, file sharing networks and ways of circumventing copy protection

    Discussing the implications, ethics and other theoretical aspects of these subjects is acceptable, but promoting, advocating or providing specific details is not.

  6. No advertising, spamming or scams. This includes, but is not limited to :

    • Pyramid and other MLM schemes, referral programs and money scams
    • Passing through the board to advertise your service, event, competition or a personal website containing advertising - even if your link seems to correspond to the theme of the Tag board

Word Filters

Blogdrive uses a word filtering system to help filter out bad words appearing on the Tag Board by replacing them with more benign, acceptable words. We also filter (replace) words that we feel are over-used or unintelligent. Do not try to work around these filters by typing in a “dirty” word using a different spelling. Doing so will probably lead to your post being deleted or you being banned.

We also activate on occasion a word filter feature. (Currently called “JackBonics”) This filter will not only replace certain words, but it will randomly add words or phrases to entries made to the Tag Board. This feature is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. If you feel any of our word or phrase filtering misrepresents the meaning of your entries to the Tag Board please do not use the Tag Board.

Any information filtered or un-filtered exchanged by you on this Tag Board shall be entirely at your own risk. In no event shall Blogdrive be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damages arising from the use or the performance of this Tag Board, even if Blogdrive or another third party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Blogdrive shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add or remove any word or phrase filtering of any kind without notice or liability to you.

Pointing out the obvious.


  1. Don't post nonsense and gibberish. Don't waste people's time by spieling off nonsense prose, song lyrics, or forms of brainless rambling. While we all have a sense of humour, material that's completely devoid of intelligence, thought or wit, does not belong on this Tag board.

    Be cautious of providing too much personal information on the tag board. Keep your personal contact information private.

    No talk of suicide or descriptive talk of self-injury. Talk of suicide needs to be directed toward a health care professional, not toward others on a tag board. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please seek help in your area by calling a local suicide hotline. If you are depressed or are feeling desperately unhappy do not post to this Tag Board.

    Talk confronting another’s religious beliefs, political views, culture or place of origin will not be tolerated.

    No arguing with anyone. Do not openly debate another person. Obey the moderators at all times. All trouble makers will be banned.

  2. Caps. Do not type in sTiCkY CaPs or some twisted form of ebonics. Avoid the use of your caps lock key. Posts made in all caps will probably be deleted.

  3. If you post an external link, please be discerning. We do not need to be inundated with Flash animations or sites with heavy graphics. You can share sites with the rest of the board that make you laugh or think, but just try not to make a habit of it, and consequently be sure to only pick the best of the bunch, as mediocre Flash animations are not rare treasures that the world must be notified about. If you're going to post trivial and silly content, it *must* be all ages.

  4. Avoid provocative subject matter. Reviving topics like Creationism VS Evolution or gun control, or challenging people's religious convictions are ultimately unproductive and breed bad will. They are not a good way to 'entertain' or 'liven up' the board.

  5. If you're not a moderator, don't feel obliged to act like one. If someone is breaking a rule in a way that annoys you or makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to tell them that you don't think they should be doing that. Do not travel the site looking for people who you feel are breaking rules so you can tell them off. Do not copy-paste quote sections of the rules at people. Do not warn people of the rules when they first arrive - that can be insulting. If someone is being a nuisance on the board, and a moderator is aware of the situation, consider backing off. Baiting and provoking troublemakers takes control of the situation away from the moderator and makes their role more difficult.

But most of all, just try and be yourself, use your common sense, treat others with understanding and respect and have fun!


What is the Blogdrive Main Tag Board?
The Blogdrive Main Tag Board is located on the Blogdrive Home page. It is the chat box that appears almost center of your browser window. (Depending on your screen resolution) This Tag Board (chat box) can be used to send a link with a message to the main chat box window for others to click on and/or read. It can also be used to chat with others who may be visiting the Blogdrive home page at the same time. The Tag Board can be viewed by all visitors.

How does the Tag Board function?
The Blogdrive Tag Boards function much like other chat boxes or tag boards found on the web. It is a quick way to communicate with others from all across the globe without having to load an application or invite users to a conversation. The Tag Board works in a semi-live mode; in that it will automatically refresh every minute, giving visitors time to read entries that are not constantly scrolling. If you don’t wish to wait the full minute for the next refresh, simply press the refresh link to the lower right of the Tag Board to force a board refresh. Note: pressing the refresh link will disable the auto-refresh function. You will need to refresh your browser to re-activate it again.

Can anyone type in the tag board?
No, you must first sign-up as a member of Blogdrive and then, from your account settings area, request a Nick for use on the Main Tag Board.

How do I create an entry to the Tag Board?
Type your approved Nick into the name field provided. Type your message into the message field. Type your Blog address into the URL field. (This is the field with an http:// in it for your convenience) Press the submit button.

Blogdrive uses the term “Tag Board” as a general expression in reference to the chat boxes found throughout and claim no ownership or trademark to the term.

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