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Adding Music (MP3)
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What is an MP3?
MPEG layer 3 is a type of audio codec where processed by significant compression from the original audio source with very little loss in sound quality. The compression up to 12:1 produces a very little degradation. Tighter compression can be achieved, but it will effect in sound degradation results.

A standard is to encode at anywhere from a quality 128 up to 320 kbit/s (near cd quality result). Many people claim that low-rate MP3 files sound better than Real Audio files with similar bit rates. The higher the bitrate(quality), the larger the file.

If the music is going to be streamed from the page (not downloaded first) then the standard is 128 for high speed connections (DSL, Cable) and 24 to 32 for dial-up connections.

How do I make one?
Most mp3s are created from ripped CDs or WAV files.
The process of converting CDs and WAVs to MP3s is often referred to as "encoding." The software below is available for free and can encode your CDs and WAVs for you.



Alright alright, how do I put this stuff on my page?
The two most popular ways to put mp3 music on your page:
Direct link: A direct link to the mp3 file (the visitor will have to download before playing)
Streaming: This allows the visitor to play the music almost instantaneously after clicking a link.

Direct link method
The easiest of all. All you need to do here is upload your mp3 file to the web somewhere and create a link to it.
<a href="">Savage Land mp3</a>

It would then look like this:
Savage Land mp3

Pretty easy huh?
If you click the link you will be prompted to open or save the file. Either way, you will have to download the file before you can play it. Depending on what player you have installed, if you choose to open the file it will probably begin to play after the download is complete. Otherwise you will have to go to the directory where you downloaded it and play it from there.

note: Like pictures, your mp3s must be uploaded to the web first before you can link to them. Simply having an mp3 file on your computer wonít work. Like image hosting companies, there are companies that offer mucho disk space for this purpose. Since mp3 files are often several megabytes in size, a decent amount of disk space is required. Most companies charge for hosting mp3s, as this costs them money in bandwidth. Silly people. We donít have a recommendation at this time.

Streaming method
The secret of streaming mp3s from your web page.

This method will allow your visitor to play almost instantaneously your mp3 files, just by clicking on a link.
Wowie Kazowie!

How to stream mp3s using an M3U (m3u) file.
An M3U file is simply a text (.txt) file with the path to your MP3 file in it, then renamed to M3U (.m3u). Thatís it, thatís how you stream MP3s!

Thatís right, create an ordinary text file with an .m3u extension that "points" to the .mp3 file you want to stream. Then make your hyperlink point to the .m3u file, not the .mp3 file itself. Thatís basically it.

The m3u file (playlist file) is the key. This extension, along with a single short line of text in the m3u file itself, instructs a visitors player to "buffer" a certain amount of the song, start playing it when the buffer limit is reached, and then keep buffering and playing over and over until the song is finished.

For instance, you would place the mp3 file path in a text document then save with a .m3u extension, instead of a .txt extension. The path you place in your text file for instance would look like this:
(This path actually points to a high quality mp3 file, hence the ďhiĒ in the file name. Your file, of course, would have a different name)

Then save the text file as a .m3u and upload it to the web. It can be placed anywhere on the web. You can then linked to it. For our example weíve placed our m3u file in the same directory as the mp3 file itself and given it the same name for easy reference.

Now we just create a hyper link to the m3u file, not the mp3 file. Example:

<a href="">Savage Land - High Quality Stream</a>

The result would look like this on your page:

Savage Land - High Quality Stream
(128kbs for high speed connections)

Weíve also duplicated the method described above to create a Lo-fi version of the same music.
It has been encoded at a lower bit rate for dial-up connections. (The better the audio, the faster the connection needed for streaming)

Savage Land - Low Quality Stream
(24kbs for dial-up connections)

Special thanks to Serena Matthews for the use of her song Savage Land.
Her Blog
Her Homepage

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