For a blog, what writer would want to be without the MME? Not me, that's for sure. If you're gonna have an blog or diary, you have to use this tool, ya tool!
After logging into your Blogdrive account click the Mini-MEditor link below.

Blogdrive Mini-MEditor

Pretty bitchen huh?
Yes, this allows you to place a quick entry into your Blog without having to go into your admin section. But wait there's more..

Drag the Mini-MEditor link to your links bar located near the top right of your browser. This way you can be surfin' anywhere on the web, click on your links bar and select the Mini-MEditor and baddaboom baddabing!
But wait, there's more...

Highlight the text below, then click on the Mini-MEditor. The text and link info will be placed inside the entry area of the editor.

This is some text and stuff for your highlighting pleasure. So make sure you are logged in to your online journal and to highlight all this before clicking the Mini-MEditor link above.

But wait, there's more...
Oh wait, we ran out of ginsu knives.

The Mini-Meditor works in most browsers on both Mac and PC
results may very void where prohibited don't call us we'll call you side effects may include vomiting diarrhea erectile dysfunction excessive use of the word bored sTicKy CaPs call your doctor before using mini-meditor all users will be subject to rectal exam before use don't use the mini-meditor if you are using other online clunky editors

Blogdrive team

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