All Blog Upgrade Plans Include:

30 day money back guarantee
No set up fee
Home page feature eligibility
Priority tech support
Ability to cross-grade at any time

No-Ads Plus
If you just want to get your Blog happening with No Ads, then Blogdrive No-Ads Plus is a good option. No-Ads Plus includes all the basic features found in the free version as well as a smart hit counter, additional image space and of course No Ads!
Comparison Chart    $15.00 Yr

Plan 1 (Le Tigra)
Along with a hit counter and No-ads, Le Tigra brings added web space, Polls and more. With Le Tigra you’ll get three megabytes of space for images as well as the ability to upload HTML and other file types! You’ll also be able to edit these files right from your File Manager section. Create directories. Add additional web pages. No FTP required! A new memo pad feature is also available with Le Tigra for jotting down notes, entry ideas, HTML snippets or what ever you wish.
Comparison Chart    $2.95/Month

Plan 2 (Ferrari)
Did someone say they need an Image Gallery? Well, ok. Of course you’ll also need an automatic thumbnail generator, CSS editable designs, easy to use interface and more web space. Good thing Ferrari has that and more! And since you’re going to be Mister popular, you’ll also need the ability to perform IP banning. You will also get a database powered customizable favorites list. This works just like the one seen on the Blogdrive homepage (The most recently updated appear at the top).
Comparison Chart    $4.95/Month

Plan 3 (Blue Steel)
With Blue Steel You can build a custom home page for your use as your default page and link to your Blog from there. Use it in combination with other HTML files. A full web site with dynamic content! You also get the ability to backup your entire Journal to your hard drive. You can be selective about areas you backup when saving and restoring. Blue Steel also brings password protection to your Blog. This feature allows you to use your Blog as a private journal; sharing it with only those you have given your editable password. More web space and visitor search ability is also featured in Blue Steel!
Comparison Chart    $7.95/Month

Plan 4 (Magnum)
"Can you hear me now?" Sometimes people want to hear what you sound like. With Magnum, we can help make this a reality. Just record something on your computer; an entry, your girlfriend snoring, your dog barking, some music you've created. Upload it through an easy to use interface and we'll create a streamable version for your visitors to click on and listen to instantly without the need to download first! We can also reduce the bit rate of your file for you so that visitors with dial-up connections could receive an uninterrupted stream. Upload as many files as you can. Place the streams anywhere; in an entry or perhaps your profile/side section as a greeting. Magnum adds features not found in the other plans; like domain mapping and advanced site traffic statistics!
Comparison Chart    $10.95/Month