Deirdre » I was here.
Pirwzy » wow, this thing probably goes back six or seven years. 10-11-2010
Anthony » Ghosts. All ghosts
lazerlove » hiiiii
pendoodles » I got lost and found my way here. LOL
Sinja » Kamil is the last name of a History professor I had.
kamil » jjj
Anthony » Dead indeed.
Pirwzy » Man this board is so dead.
piink_alyssa20 » hello
piink_alyssa20 » hii.
Sinja » Just an alternate tagboard for people who aren't Blogdrive members, or people who want to be more anonymous.
Jeremiadist » Hey - so, what is this board all about?
Anthony » Please go here for the new Land of the Lost Story!
Anthony » wow... Dman, did you tag that July 1st of 2007?
Daveman » **belch**
Pirwzy » happy memorial day
Pirwzy » indeed
raejane » and this is still here
Seige » < blogOut!
Seige » land of the lost, here i am! w00t!
Arlo » Wow. So this is the Land of the Lost..
divaslair » hello everyone
sexy_shaye » hi everyone
sexy_shaye » hi
tinay xvi » hello!!!
Daveman » Its back!!!! Wow! The Land of the lost is Unlost!
bablih » hi!!!!!
bhem » hi everyone..
Tigerrr » myesss.....I was here before you, so ill stick my own flag thank you very much
Thinker » Gracias
Calliope » A fitting tribute, Thinker =]
Calliope » verena: <O))))<
Thinker » Hoping someone might see this and understand
Thinker » this is the land which few know. evidence of passings are left in this land like little memoirs engraved in the sand so i leave my little tidbit in this small land
Thinker » In the land where none wander but only where some ponder stands one person, looking at the remains, looking at everything that clearly explains, this is the land where none go
Thinker » Thinker thinks quietly...
verena » marfness. C< = fishiee??
Calliope » *sticks flag in mountain* And we claim this land for Blogdrive!
Tigerrr » lol, I think I have discovered land of the lost
Thinker » Hola
cassi » hey chita
cassi » hey chita
chita » whoa im lost!!!
cassi » hello
cassi » how do yo?
cassi » hello
cassi » hi
cassi » whats up
cassi » hi
Halcyon » Boing
spacenoodle » bada bing bada boooooooooooooom!
Seige » should there be a need for Seige, whisper!
Sinja » Werd.
splitchick » hi everyone!
Anthony » wow... uh... wow...
cokelatz » ellooooo everybody...
Em » well hello ye randoms
Halcyon » Nope
book_addict » anyone here?!!
Christina » Wow ... the tags go back 9 months ... what happened to the good 'ole days?
Deirdre » Are ya?
olynna » hi
Pirwzy » hurray I can use a dead board. Woop.
Pirwzy » !!!
Pirwzy » ...
Xaos » hahahahahahaaaaa hahahahahha...ahahahahahahahha!!!! hhahahahhahahaaaaa...!
Xeideus » It won't...
Sinja » I wonder if this will be the last tag ever on the tagboard.... this.... 'Land of the Lost.'
spacenoodle »
Douzy » Sup y'all?
Sinja » Yes you can, click my name.
jobi » i dont know how to make an html and i dont have the time to learn, can i get something that is already available?
jobi » wew! where do i get personalized layout
Spacenoodle » hello people
harry_j » wnt to promote my blog. visit it if you want. do whatever you wnt. read my blogs,make comments or tag your shoutouts in the tagboard...just click my name
harry_j » or go to
harry_j » wnt to promote my blog. visit it if you want. do whatever you wnt. read my blogs,make comments or tag your shoutouts in the tagboard...just click my name
harry_j » hi
Jude » wow. deadness.
Edna May » Uhhnnnnnrr! You! Outta my chair!
puffaloonie » plod plod.... JFK..that lee guy sounds familiar
Gloria » Half a YEAR?
verena » well, i certainlyy don't know...but i don't believe what theyy taught me in the school about lee harvey oswald being his assasin. i mean, if he was...what was the motive??
Spacenoodle » i didn't think anyone knew!
Puzzled » I wondered if anybody from America could tell me who killed JFK? It's driving me crazy!!
Sinja » I also could possibly help, Puzzled. I'm American.
puffaloonie » No one comes here Puzzled, you are better off in the main taggie!!!
verena » well, puzzled, i'm prettyy much "american." if youu still need the help.
Yorga » hay alguien que hable castellano?
Puzzled » Its important. Anybody??
Puzzled » Are there any Americans hanging around here. I have a question for them? I'll be patient, for a few days.
puffaloonie » Good to know Sinja!
Sinja » It wasn't, I'm sure.
puffaloonie » hmmmm???? I hope that wasn't directed at me
Statler » You are an imposter !!!
Waldorf » What a terrible performance.
puffaloonie » wow 3 days later and still no movement!
puffaloonie » this place is so empty all da time
puffaloonie » hi