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Posted by creative musings @ 03/30/2008 08:39 PM GMT5.5
Saw a good movie today which vouched about following your heart ...You dont need to search for that extra strength/ support outside is there in you ....coccooned and in deep slumber need to awaken it to see the magic :-) 

Posted by Mute-iny @ 03/30/2008 12:56 AM GMT5.5
30th March
Nothing is by chance. There is a perfect pattern and plan running through the whole of life, and you are part of that wholeness and therefore part of strange things happening in your life and wonder why they should happen to you, take time to see how it all fits in, and you will se a reason for...

Posted by Derek's Muse @ 03/25/2008 11:39 PM GMT5.5
Drunken Ramblings...
You know, whoever it is that coined the phrase, "a dose of your own medicine", is a dork.He's right, but that doesnt stop him being a dork.Don't you just hate it, when your mistakes come right back at you and bite you in the ass? I know I do. Terribly.But then again, they also say, "You don't do...

Posted by Life's like that @ 01/22/2008 07:26 AM GMT-5
Moving on...
Had a whirlwind trip to India. It felt like I'd never been away. And now that I'm back, feels like I had never gone away...My desk in the basement awaits, the (dysfunctional) laser awaits and it's freezing outside. Actually, make that way below freezing. There are stories to tell, but I've decided...

Posted by WORK FROM HOME @ 01/18/2008 08:14 PM GMT5.5

Posted by LostSomewhere @ 12/31/2007 11:59 PM GMT-7
First Day of 2008
A VERY HAPPY AND PROPEROUS NEW  YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.Alright, here I am, sitting in the office on 1st of Jan 2008, with an almost empty floor.Good time to start putting down the resolution, eh? 1) I will stick to my commitments. 2) I will take control of my life. That would...

Posted by illusions @ 11/05/2007 09:16 PM GMT5.5
I want to write
Right now all I wanna do is write, for no reason or theme.... just for the sake of writing. It seems to me that Ive been wound up and coiled in a no. of schedules which I try to break free from. The resistance is so strong that it almost resemles a rebellion. I don't mind what it looks like, so...

Posted by FADEDDREAM @ 11/01/2007 01:02 AM GMT5.5
Horns Of Metal - I
DeathThese guys along with Possessed and Obituary are considered as Death Metal's pioneers. They formed in 1983 in Orlando, Florida.Human may not be their most mind-blowing piece, but it is their most accessible and being halfway between their growth from a standard gore-obssessed death metal act...

Posted by THE 'MAN'KEYS @ 09/27/2007 04:09 AM GMT5.5
The Abhorrence
        Peedpop was standing at a precipice. He looked determined and was totally deaf to the crowd yelling below. And then he saw her face. Radiant. Vaseline teary. Reddish and swollen.   &nbs p;    She ran forward and shouted, "#$...

Posted by Abbas @ 09/15/2007 06:45 PM GMT5.5


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