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Posted by Gypsy Sweetheart @ 03/17/2010 01:11 AM GMT-5
"never the thing you expect, always the thing you deserve"there is so so so so much in that statement. so much that makes me want to hold onto jay and never let him go.

Posted by PIRATE LUNCHBOX @ 04/08/2009 02:59 AM GMT2
Tattoo Plans
red tail feathers - tail and wings Hungarian embroidery Left arm - honeysuckle and sunflower 'choice' carousel things

Posted by Monday @ 06/22/2004 04:40 AM GMT2
1.height? 5'8 2.fav brand of garbage bags? bah, like i know / care. 3.fav number? 137102495608 4.fav time-to tha minute:)? 8:03 pm 5.fav color? purple 6.fav band? the Cure female. with other females. heh 8.fav color of m&m? brown, believe it or not color? mine's brown, but i...

Posted by Final Australia @ 06/14/2004 07:22 PM GMT2
charcoal drawing of the charmerbeside the book of poems,written by the artist,,but never shown to the temptressshe:who dictates her dreams,who parades, escorted, through her paintings,who dances between the lines in her journal,who swims through bacchan sacrifices to this artemis,this diana of the...

Posted by My Paradisium @ 05/29/2004 07:41 PM GMT2
3rd entry.
Dear Grace,Well. Its been a year, hasn't it. Started out with almost no goals, made it to the middle with a list way too long, and you're ending with very few again. Maybe its that you don't want to expect things of yourself and / or of others, or maybe it's that you don't want to let yourself aim...

Posted by Zap!MardiGrasMask @ 05/03/2004 11:55 PM GMT2
You've definitely caught the bad-angel's eye. He'svery interested in you and he loves your fieryattitude.. hmm.. maybe something special is instore for you.. Conclusion: You will be raped by pure-evil tonight... You're addicted to..... LSD! Wow what you must go through every day. LSD...

Posted by Vagina Floss @ 05/02/2004 08:14 PM GMT2
HaNNaH's LaTesT SuRVeY
[ .01. ] first name: Tuesday {Grace}[ .02. ] middle name: Elohallia {Gwendolyn}[ .03. ] last name: Czirok {Henry}[ .04. ] nickname(s): Gracie, Satan, Meow, Gracelyn, etc etc etc. [ .05. ] gender: female[ .06. ] birthday: november 2, 1988[ .07. ] height: 5'7[ .08. ] hair color: brown. so dying it...

Posted by xTueSDaY MeMoiRsx @ 02/29/2004 08:07 PM GMT2
iTs GRRRRReaSy, BuD-Dy
forced to go to church this would be okay, you know, except i just can't bring myself to buy it..i just cant make myself believe so have to prove stuff to me..its lent n'all now, so i can breathe a lot easier...the crucifixes just bother three weeks ago...

Posted by xRaNtsX @ 01/15/2004 12:06 AM GMT1

Posted by marti @ 10/10/2003 06:21 AM GMT-8
Friday, June 06, 2003
Even an interesting link: inginthedark/eclipse.html - posted by marti @ 11:19 AM I was surfing on the internet and i found some lyrics which are beautiful i think. I write some of them to here, cos i would like to share with you them: MIRACLE OF LIFE (Brazil:...


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