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Hong Kong


Posted by [B]talkshowhost @ 11/15/2003 01:00 AM GMT8
add oil ~~
I can really feel the pressure of AL approaching. I haven't made any revision yet, and there are only 4 months left... just a thought of could scare the hell out of me. How come time pass so quickly? It feels like it's just only the beginning of the year, but it's mid-November now! Ayyy... i hate...

Posted by 靚女謝謝 @ 11/13/2003 05:00 AM GMT-8
為何每個friday都咁眼訓..? 今日美少女無同我上中史lu...攪 到我好悶..... 同lihoyin傾計攪到我喊...>. <放左學美少女諗住出黎唱k... 點知無哂lunch....失望~~之後食 n tm 黎左... 好tired...返左屋企訓....美少 k自己唔知攪乜... 同我阿媽勁fd....????????????? -.-" 之後出左去搵thin n..Sn .how...

Posted by NePtUnE's bLoG @ 11/11/2003 11:54 PM GMT8
Too bad... seems that less and less people come... but anyway... i come less frequence also... ai.. always spend time sleeping and sleeping these days... or actually these weeks... help... i m lossing my mood on studing.... GOD>>>>>>&g t;>

Posted by drivin' me crazy @ 11/10/2003 09:48 PM GMT8
new christian's life
hey..dun u know i am a christian?...yea.i am..but only i believe in god..not those always sing hymns and read bible..yea...but today my sister told me to go to church and have a i went there lor...and then I LUV first i was a bit worried..coz i am a newbie and people will stare at...

Posted by tRaNgMiSsInU @ 08/17/2003 03:44 PM GMT-6
I lub....??
Em Y盦 Anh Em dau co biet ngay hom nay minh se co nhau. Co bao gio em biet minh se yeu mot nguoi nhu anh. It is strange how we came togetha...yes it's true i neva thot i'd find myself wit someone like u. I remember when i first knew u i thought to mai self "i kan neva be wit dis person"...

Posted by Sharlock @ 08/09/2003 10:16 AM GMT8
Samedi matin ensoleill
Hummm... que faire en ce matin o il fait si beau. Suis allez voir la temp廨atue: 31C 9h13! Est-ce que je vais me promener en nature ou rester l'int廨ieur? Me sent en forme mais j'ai peur de regrett ma d嶰ision sous un soleil de plomb. Crois que je vais aller me promener quand m瘱e....


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