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Hong Kong


Posted by Amei @ 09/06/2004 08:04 PM GMT8
因為做Prefect 發覺好多野係吾 雩虒m身事外 自己仲有好多進步ga空間 凡事都應該堅持原則 吾係無所 好開心可以做到大姐姐, 因為我ga小妹妹都好可愛 佢地好活潑, 好好奇, 小妹妹係要這樣先可愛 雖然開頭吾係做得咁好, 但係我有信心之後會做得好 最近知道自己唔係甘ga人,...

Posted by coobie'z diary @ 08/26/2004 10:36 PM GMT6.5
  i went to school at 10:00am for my bio test ( 1 hr)] i have revised the book , but still i did not know how to do some questions. however, i think i will get a pass and hpe that i will get high marks too. after the test, we decided to have lunch first before having the training. so we go...

Posted by Marmalade Land @ 07/11/2004 02:30 AM GMT8
Musical俇酘眳摽... 器閨胏蜁庰.... 隻....fantsay caf谷..... 俇酘li杶~~衱猁酕model彆杶嶽.. .. li杶珧.....A褭酘疑嗣珧邈.. .... 扂疑嗣暫菴珨棒.... 菴珨棒酕model... 菴珨棒酕main... 菴珨棒舑苺俋暫... 菴珨棒鼴... 隻...疑戾!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by The Psychotic @ 06/13/2004 02:48 AM GMT8
I have made a new layout. Visit: Thanks. But it's still under construction.

Posted by Hugo's BOARD @ 02/13/2004 10:53 PM GMT8

Posted by 惠惠 @ 02/04/2004 07:03 AM GMT-8

Posted by Carmen' s Journal @ 02/03/2004 09:21 PM GMT8
Happy Day
???????, ????7B?????life-edu.????.???? ???????????????. ???????,????????, ????????????(?Cannosa Square). ??????, ???????.P.S. ?????:(1)??1st choice u (2) ???? (3)???? (4) ?????... ~??last day??3?~

Posted by No-War-HongKong @ 02/02/2004 10:28 AM GMT8
trying again
this time trying blog/nowarhk ...keeping my fingers crossed...

Posted by piapi @ 12/14/2003 10:29 PM GMT8
Testing FTP 2
Testing FTP again FTP path = /blog/piapi

Posted by The Sanmigkid @ 11/22/2003 03:07 AM GMT8
aren't giraffes a funny shape?
a bit baked just now and decided that instead of sleeping i should write some shit..... operative word? you be the judge.  been snacking away on the snack size mars and snickers nonsense - too bloody small by far.  trying to decide which is better - reckon i prefer snickers but ice cream...


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