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Hong Kong


Posted by Fox (Wicked-H) @ 08/27/2007 11:33 AM GMT8
【勾當集團@ CW24 -- 作品仍有少量剩貨, 欲購從速~!! 】
 (*凡於網上訂購, 將收獲贈精美書籤或postcard一 i, 數量有限, 送完即止!!)## 查詢: l) *按圖放大 ============================= ===================== 本子:  原創 x1--------------------------- ------------------------1)《Al ice In Wonderland》[原創漫畫]...

Posted by God is love @ 02/26/2007 10:05 PM GMT7
to leave
remember to leave me a msg!!

Posted by Death note @ 04/08/2006 10:43 AM GMT8
The End
呢個blogdrive應該以後唔會再upd ated lu....... 原因有三: 1.成日亂碼 (想睇某d亂碼日記正常版既去:ht tp:// /page/windyc)       ;      ;      ; 2.因為唔係xanga, 冇咩人黎;...

Posted by Silvermist @ 01/06/2006 02:45 PM GMT-8
You scored as Psychology. You should be a Psychology...

Posted by PiG*s blahhh @ 09/22/2005 09:38 PM GMT7
0禽晚夜mama收到電話,原來餘波 慾F。 唔緊要啦∼慢慢0黎... 再諗下啦~~~ 船到橋頭自然直。 越0黎越唔鍾意commercial translation... 本身已經唔係好鍾意個女人,覺 o佢係偏心0個類人...... 今日係自己lor 0黎... 遲0左起身... 返到學校已經1點... grant/loan 0個0度勁多人... 結果遲0左3個字上堂......

Posted by heather~* @ 06/08/2005 01:10 AM GMT8
Study leave

Posted by Ski in Gulmarg?! @ 06/04/2005 01:29 PM GMT8
Truly but slowly
dfadsf I have finally sent out pixs zipped in CD-roms to friends whom I met in Gulmarg. Hope the discs arrive safely to their mailboxes. I am revamping this site and trying to put more information for any fellow skiiers or snowboarders to enjoy Gulmary. Now, enjoy this pix I took in Delhi in...

Posted by hkjigsaw @ 05/01/2005 08:01 PM GMT8
A new blog link
Hi there, you guys must be wondering why I have been missing in action for such a long time. Well, long story short, I have been in and out the city for the past few months. Hardly have time to even pick up my dry clean. Glad that Monday is bank holiday. What a relieve. Anyway, I have started a...

Posted by The Reckless @ 12/29/2004 12:45 PM GMT8
'); document.write(''); //-->  You're single. You have been for a while. And you are tired of it. Well what are you waiting for? Get out in the game and find yourself someone to click with. It's the only place to start. Your resolution...flirt like a...

Posted by The Illustrious @ 11/08/2004 01:00 AM GMT8
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - the 3rd US President In the thick of party conflict in 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a private letter, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." This powerful advocate of liberty was born in 1743 in...


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