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Posted by headers @ 02/05/2004 04:35 PM GMT8
i like pink i think its a very pretty color.well im back hi you guys i havent been here for a very long time.sorry kids ive been kinda busy.skol its always fun ive been sleeping in class.and i made the damn honor roll.spank you spank you.well its almost valentines man o man i love it love it love...

Posted by Deidre @ 01/26/2004 12:05 PM GMT10
<MARQUEE> January 26, 2003</MARQUEE>
Hey Every1...Life isn't as steady as it used to be. We're heading back to my Grandma's tonight, and with that, I won't be able to use the internet since the computer is broken. My social life is OK, but some of my friends are becoming so different than they used to be. My family life is going...

Posted by blue_star @ 01/01/2004 05:45 PM GMT-8
**hEy EvErYonE**
First of all, thanx a bunch, for stoppin' by!! It means a lot knowing you actually, care!! *hehe* I want you all to know I love and miss each and EVERY one of you guys back home!! I'm so home-sick with you!! I mean, there's nothing better than having the latest gossip with a bunch of good friends,...

Posted by My LyFe my RuLes @ 12/26/2003 09:17 PM GMT-8
Sorta Bored
Notta! Nothing to do today. I hate life. I love Heather. Only reason to live...

Posted by iwouldntthinkofit @ 08/31/2003 05:21 PM GMT4.5
umm another one of these
changed it again. but only but this one i dint choose a layout so it's easier for me to make changes. gah. well last night had to go to some christening and dragged bernice along with me. hehheh.... :D thanks... kept slipping away because the boys were at tumon. finding reasons to leave the...

Posted by lOst in re@lity @ 08/16/2003 02:50 PM GMT-5
bruised and brOken
right now it's like 5 in the morning..i can't bruise hurts from moshing..awww..i haven't seen my baby since 2 weeks thats so long for me..i wanna see him soon..his sis and his little brother came in today..i almost ended up kissing my exs' friend alex..he's kinda cute and...


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