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Posted by Precision @ 09/01/2005 10:26 PM GMT-6
To all the people that log on to the site please leave your comment on what u think so far!!!

Posted by dela @ 08/10/2005 11:25 PM GMT-8
damn its been awhile
wow...its been a long time since i updated...makes me wonder y im doin it now...sheesh...everyone probably forgot about my journal...but oh starts soon and my mom's bro is comin next weekend so im goin to be roomless...i believe imma kick my dad out of his room...sigh...n e way...myra...

Posted by incapable @ 08/08/2005 02:39 AM GMT10.5
 okay, last week of summer... make it worth it huh? let's go.. and just do the same shit we've been doing all summer? damn, we're boring. haha! hey, i happen to think we have a lot of fun even though it's the same shit. i wanna recap. i never do that shit anymore. uhm.. what the fuck did i...

Posted by Shorty @ 12/15/2004 12:04 PM GMT-8
im so sad
hey ppl im back i know its been like for ever that i having been in here.. because i been so busy with work and stuff and too many problme going on in my life but to my Sista nikki ya know i love ya with all my heart and i dont know what i would do with out ya sis thanks alot for making me cry last...

Posted by glam trash kitten @ 11/07/2004 04:47 AM GMT-8
</3 me without a word.
i'm dead darling, this blog has caused problems. to the people who come here, thanks for visiting. check out my xanga darling. </3//bye bye beautiful       ;      ; -kaykill

Posted by badass_ @ 09/15/2004 08:43 PM GMT11
time out
Due to some complications (laziness), I'll stop double-posting until I get all this junk archived. Click here to proceed to my recent entries. Thank you.

Posted by Arbiter_07 @ 07/30/2004 09:30 PM GMT6
time for a new bloggy
okay guys.. i decided to make a new blog because i want to see wats the difference. Anyway, i wont be writin here anymore but to my new blog. Addy: Well enjoy for ur future references.. laters!

Posted by the dork rule @ 06/02/2004 05:54 AM GMT-8
It's been a while!
T u e s d a y , J u n e 1 It has been freakin' forever since I updated this thing.  4 months to be exact.  Alot can happen in only 4 months believe me!!  Well I honestly can't start from 4 months ago--iron deficiency has affected my memory--so I'll start from what I can...

Posted by kenny @ 06/02/2004 11:49 PM GMT11
Pics pics pics...i feel so conceited..

Posted by what the shit @ 04/21/2004 05:39 PM GMT11
save me this day.
during lunch today one of my friends came up to me and she was crying on my shoulder because of you, you fuckin bitch. i hate to see her in pain and you just fuckin ignore her. she used to be your bestfriend and you fuckin turn your back on her now. you think your too good for her or you just talk...


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