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Posted by Propaganda Center @ 11/20/2003 11:14 AM GMT-8
Toter Tag
Morgäään!Da hab ich es doch tatsächlich mal wieder hierher geschafft, um die lieben Homepage-Besucher mit neuem Stoff zu versorgen.Der Tag war an sich eigentlich nicht weiter spannend, in der HS21 wie immer das übliche blabla. Ausser einem 3-Seiten-Diktat in Deutsch, ein paar Übungen zur...

Posted by Seriously? @ 11/17/2003 07:23 PM GMT2
Finally got my long-awaited knee brace today. Got caught by 3 cops today crossing a red light and got a lecture, embarassing. I usually NEVER cross red lights. I find this blogging rather stupid, no idea why I keep track of this. maybe it'll be worth something one day. Just browsing around...

Posted by Fairytale @ 11/14/2003 12:18 PM GMT1
Proud and Angry to Die
I can't say that I am afraid to die. I am proud to be giving so much of myself for my country. I guess the only problem came when my country stopped being proud of me. I can't even go to college, or wear real clothes, or eat a good meal, or feel air conditioning. None of that bothers me as much as...

Posted by heinz @ 10/17/2003 10:25 PM GMT1
Wolfsheim - the sparrows and the nightingales   how long have you been free in this world of hate and greed is it black or is it white let's find another compromise and our future's standing still we're dancing in the spotlight where is the leader who leads me i'm still...

Posted by Tests @ 10/03/2003 05:47 PM GMT1


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