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Posted by imam kisaie @ 08/04/2007 09:17 AM GMT-8
imam kisaie
IMAM KISAEI Nama: Ali b. Hamzah b. Abdullah b. Othman b. Fairuz Tarikh lahir: 119 H Tahun wafat: 189 H  Kinayah: Aby Hassan Gelaran: Kisaei Antara guru-gurunya:    Imam Hamzah    Muhammad b. Abi Laili    ‘Isa b. Umar al-...

Posted by HAPPY @ 03/25/2005 11:33 AM GMT-8
you guys are shit
I hate you all because i can do that. Damn i cant belive its almost been a yaer since ive written something. Now were gonna say a few curse words: everyone say: Fuck everyone say: Shit everyone say: Dick everyone say: MARKS AN ASSHOLE! everyone say: Fuck Fuck Shit Fuck Well enough of...

Posted by rnizzle @ 04/09/2004 11:08 PM GMT-8
hi my name is rnizzle
hi, i poo ribs. and i love vy pham like the dickens. :)

Posted by Oooh.... @ 02/01/2004 06:30 AM GMT-8
Does anyone even read this thing? I stopped writing on it after a while. I may start up again sometime, so for the very select few who have been waiting for another post, you may just get another....... Muahahahaha......

Posted by YerbaMateTaraguy @ 01/31/2004 10:22 PM GMT-8
la estoy flashiando......(??)
wen como veran (o vers chu por que sos la unica q conoce este apestosso blog)no tenog nada mejor q hacer q ir a la plaza a fumarme un caramelo,tengo frio sueño,y una rara sensacion d q me ba a pasar algo,ah y nose si sha dije q tengo sueño??

Posted by desdivona @ 11/22/2003 05:29 AM GMT-8
Sigh. Ash is getting married. Or almost anyway. I'm so happy for her. Ok fine, that sounds fake. I mean, of course I'm happy for her! What am I thinking? But it's like no matter how I try, the feeling that Damon may break up with me before college ends keeps lurking...


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