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Posted by Dear Dad and Bung @ 01/31/2004 08:08 PM GMT1
fight in supermarket
today as I was doing my weekly groceries in a supermarlet near my place (Monoprix), I saw a fight! wohooooo (the stupidest things excite me).. it was the security guy and some ill mannered customer..they really fought! (hitting eachother), even the security guy took his uniform and his tie off...

Posted by colette @ 01/20/2004 08:32 PM GMT1
Light showers + a creme rinse
So today, amid the rushing around and running between jobs and lessons and all, I found a little time to get my hair cut. The coiffeur I go to is a little two-chair joint off of Place Monge and my visagist is dead sexy. The best part of a haircut is certainly the washing bit, no matter where you...

Posted by my funny world @ 01/10/2004 02:04 PM GMT1
YOU !!!!
WHO ARE YOU ? My dream is to know everybody in this earth. That's impossible coz I'm the shyest person in this world. I was born like that, I do with it but it's very VERY painful. So I want to say hello to everybody who's reading this, and thank you coz you've been on my page. I know...

Posted by Drowned in words @ 01/07/2004 12:11 PM GMT1
[Mood: numb    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    ] [Music: Thursday - Where the circle Ends] The whiskey's wearing out And the...

Posted by uberalles @ 12/30/2003 01:10 AM GMT1
my messenger

Posted by abreactions @ 10/05/2003 06:13 PM GMT1
archive - goodbye

Posted by virgile @ 02/10/2003 12:03 AM GMT1
moving out
ca y est. je dmnage de rennes a besancon. pour l instant je me demandes bien pourquoi.. en fait..

Posted by Pauline @ 10/01/2003 05:00 PM GMT1
i have abolutly no idea how that thing is working... but anyway, it s not for what i m writting on it now...Maybe later on i ll use it more often, i guess i m not gonna have much time... Well things are'nt really going better with me, i mean inside of me.I m still happy looking but i know something...

Posted by HERMES @ 08/10/2003 09:12 PM GMT1
Celan, mon ami!
ICH BIN ALLEIN, ich stell die Aschhenblume ins Glas voll reifer Schwärze, Schwestermund, du sprichst ein Wort, das fortlebt vor den Fenstern, und lauttlos klettert, was ich träumt, an mir empor Ich steht im Flor der abgeblühten Stunde und spar ein Harz für einen späten Vogel: er...


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