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Posted by Etheral Rose @ 02/06/2005 10:37 AM GMT1
Phantom Movie.
Finally the phantom movie is out ^^ I'm so glad Antonio was despised for this one finally, and i think gerard butler did a great job as the phantom here even if he appears alot darker than I would have enjoyed to see him (Remember Michael Crawford laughing to death while the trick on "Il Muto"...

Posted by Until November @ 10/08/2004 04:34 PM GMT1
Ration de restau.
J'ai décidé que, pour une fois, j'allais vous apprendre quelque-chose, même si je doute que cela vous serve. Après tout on ne sait jamais, un job d'été en hiver, ce genre de choses, pourrait vous pousser à vous y intéresser. Et puis j'ai besoin de partager cette formidable expérience du service en...

Posted by ghostcat @ 09/27/2004 02:44 AM GMT-8
Tu as oublié
Tu as oublié ce que tu disais sur lui tous les points de divergences son autorité sur toi sa moralité à outrance qu'il ne suit pas pour lui-même son étouffement ton écrasement les faux semblants les non-dits le mal qu'il t'a fait la valeur de notre amour ta liberté nos...

Posted by GaGa gUgU.? @ 07/09/2004 04:06 AM GMT0
<b>..walking away..,</b>

Posted by me! me! me! @ 06/17/2004 10:22 PM GMT1
How do I look with make-up on?  

Posted by Beats by Lorgi @ 06/15/2004 06:44 PM GMT1

Posted by Mandy + Carine @ 04/10/2004 06:38 PM GMT1
funny *gg*
so first, to all of you : then some funny stuff lol : Huney, a special for u : LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL L !!! I hope it made you smile baby :)

Posted by me myself and I @ 03/19/2004 01:23 AM GMT1
just because
oh thank you for caring. Love ya, mean it. and emm..I have to create another blog address.. that I can share with real friends .. cause this one is too mellow..and for those who's been reading...sorryyyyyyyyyyy for being's so not me. and I want to thank aifos for his...

Posted by baud123's weblog @ 03/18/2004 10:49 AM GMT1
linux' advantages
TCO - IBM initiative to move to linux desktop oftwaretopics/os/linux/story/0 ,10801,91301,00.html Microsoft may reduce licenses costs due to linux oftware/windows/0,39020396,391 46640,00.htm

Posted by Dear Dad and Bung @ 01/31/2004 08:08 PM GMT1
fight in supermarket
today as I was doing my weekly groceries in a supermarlet near my place (Monoprix), I saw a fight! wohooooo (the stupidest things excite me).. it was the security guy and some ill mannered customer..they really fought! (hitting eachother), even the security guy took his uniform and his tie off...


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