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Dominican Republic

Posted by carlosx1996 @ 11/13/2014 07:52 PM GMT-5

Posted by stewartlil1123 @ 06/05/2005 12:14 PM GMT-8
To the person who doesnt know who they are
I have a boyfriend who grew up with me. His name is Jin. I always thought of him as a friend until last year, when we went to a trip from a club. I found that I fell in love with him. Before that trip was over, I took a step and confessed my love for him. And soon, we became a pair of lovers, but...

Posted by The Kikbak Cafe @ 11/13/2003 07:48 PM GMT-5
More additions
alrite, i just added the chat client since ppl were askin for it.... i'll post up dates and times to talk about stuff... REMEMBER: YOU CAN ALWAYS GO INTO THE CHAT, FEEL FREE TO DO SO. also, if you wanna post messages in THIS, yes this big spacy luxurious section, plz tell me (fred) or...

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