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Posted by enkageiovnen @ 07/03/2005 07:48 PM GMT1
Ingen arme, ingen småkager...
Det var så det - jeg har fået min afklaring!! Jeg har været hos vagtlægen - efter min klumpe-udstødelse, syntes jeg ikke der var nogen grund til at vente til på torsdag. Efter at have undervist en vagtlæge i hcg målinger, tidlige scanninger og kvindens generelle anatomi (Tænk engang, manden var...

Posted by frode @ 11/13/2004 05:26 PM GMT1
"Open Spaces"-booklet
Min debut som cd-bookletskribent er et faktum! For snart to år siden blev jeg bedt om at skrive tekster til en cd hvor det franske ensemble META DUO spiller værker af danske komponister. Og nu er cd´en endelig udkommet, på dacapo records i serien "Open Spaces". Lidt underlig at læse teksten igen...

Posted by Vulture @ 10/04/2004 10:09 AM GMT1
Well today is my birthday! :DSo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (lol)Man i am going to eat and drink till i fall,and then i'll eat and drink some more bwahhahahah!26 years of lazyness wohoo! :D

Posted by Enjoy this shit.. @ 01/24/2004 05:53 PM GMT-2
Ég er farin héðan!!!!!!!!! Búin að búa til mína eigin fukkin' Ég er komin hingað!!!!!

Posted by @ 01/16/2004 12:56 PM GMT-8
maqaalo cusub
  ”Ma taqaan Cabdiqaasim” Maqaalkii dhawaan la faafiyey ee uu magaciisu ahaa ”Ma taqaan Cabdiqaasim” wuxuu soo kordhiyey labo arrimood oo ay qof kasta dani ugu jirto, waana labada erey ee uu qoraalkaani ka bilawday iyo macnaha ay xanbaarsan yihiin.   Akhrisyelaal aad u badan baa...

Posted by Jesper Theil @ 12/27/2003 12:22 PM GMT1
Test 3 mkkh

Posted by Nikki @ 10/04/2003 01:59 AM GMT1
What a friday...
Today started late... very unlike me I woke up at 11.30 am..couldnt get up..what makes me so tired? The doctor was excellent today...calmed my fears and anxieties... I will finally get a contact person at the hospital, and my private doctor agreed to be the coordinator..I can finally relax a...

Posted by ! SpurN's Bl0G ! @ 09/17/2003 02:46 PM GMT1
Nothing To Do, Nothing TO SAy
.... :) testin' POst in the shoutbox damnit !!! ;)

Posted by Thomas Glahn @ 08/21/2003 07:34 PM GMT1
The grid of life is a user interface experience in itself. You will have to attack the motherfucker with everything in your power. Only losers will preach the use of particular tools, mouse types, keyboard configurations, platforms or browsers. Life is a cross-tech event.

Posted by Reaktion @ 08/19/2003 10:14 AM GMT1
Time to wake up


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