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Costa Rica

Posted by Call center BPO @ 05/05/2017 03:03 PM GMT-8
CCC purchased and is restoring a 1984 300d mercedes w123 long wheelbase sedan Limousine for all of COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER'S clients. Her name is DAISY. Richard Blank, the proud owner of a classic Mercedes Limo, wanted a similar customer relationship experience just like the famous REMINGTON...

Posted by 5 Wisdoms Sangha @ 04/01/2009 05:17 PM GMT-8
NOTE:  This text was started before my trip to Lima but finished a couple of weeks later.     Ok  guys, time is passing by, my trip to Peru is approaching, so let’s get this overview of what was accomplished and what was not during our visit to Costa Rica.  I’ll...

Posted by InvisibleALosOjos @ 11/28/2005 11:47 AM GMT-6
Porque aquel que huye puede volver a luchar. Lo que jamás podría hacer el que ha sido muerto.
Lo que continúa no lo puedo escribir porque no ha ocurrido, sin embargo para muchos éste es el final de todos mis pensamientos, creencias, convicciones, locuras, etc... y puedo decir verdaderamente que: "vivieron felices para siempre". Sin embargo para mí este no es el fin, sino el principio...

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