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Posted by NBA Mock Draft @ 05/31/2014 04:21 AM GMT-8
Tzukuri Sunglasses Can Be Located With An iPhone App So You'll Never Lose Them
Tzurkuri could totally change the future of the oakley sunglasses outlet eyewear industry. The Sydney-based company oakley sunglasses cheap is manufacturing sunglasses that can be located with a mobile application and alert wearers so they will never lose their shades again. The $350...

Posted by Neopatria @ 11/25/2008 07:50 AM GMT0
<h1>“Rick” parla</h1>
Entrevista a un agent del Mossad, Michael Ross (un pseudònim és clar): Interview…, feta per DRZZ i recomanada per Menapress.Les Iraniens sont passés maître dans l’art de dissimuler leurs activités à la communauté internationale. Depuis des années maintenant, ils se jouent de l’Agence Internationale...

Posted by In-your-pocket @ 10/29/2007 01:00 AM GMT-7
That Word
Like rain running down my skin, silver trails cutting cold lines in traces on my arms, like redemption washing over my face, like the glow of sunlight off her smile and fairylights twinkling in the night, Like the smell of you left on the sweater you let me wearLike your skin against my...

Posted by C.S.I. Girona @ 10/23/2007 01:54 AM GMT-8
Com acabar d'una vegada per totes amb les bicicletes per l'acera
Tots sabem que la bicicleta és pels estius i pel camp —no per la ciutat i per tot l'any—, però l'esquerra que ens governa la promou decididament com a vehicle urbà. Això és per motius ideològics: els permet exercir de revolucionaris en tant que aposten per una opció alternativa a les existents, i...

Posted by Paradox @ 02/21/2006 08:51 PM GMT-7
Love story, write me a love story., but happily ever after never existed in the first place. What a cruel invention to sew into the minds of children it was. To fabricate flights of fancy about princes and paupers living happily forever? Preposterous. Why is it that no story ever mentioned the...

Posted by heavenhell @ 02/22/2004 05:47 AM GMT0
Como me gustan las fiestas,hacia tiempo que no me divertia de verdad y bueno tambien hacia mucho que no estaba con toda mi familia urbana de fiesta todos juntos hechaba de menos estos momentos.Hoy habia una fiesta de disfrazes en casa de la julia y a ido toda la peña incluso a ido el axel al que...

Posted by star stories @ 08/19/2003 01:37 PM GMT10
sorry just had to add thistoo funnyuberatvpr: mark has to be either hate meuberatvpr: or he is fucking retarteduberatvpr: cause he takes me off a registeruberatvpr: like everyfucking day im thereuberatvpr: to stock shelvesuberatvpr: or do price changesuberatvpr: im like WTF have dario the fucking...

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