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Posted by DAYS GONE BY @ 03/26/2004 01:40 PM GMT8
在女朋友学校看的,对应于上个 瞧诳吹80元一场的美国大片,那 媸且桓鎏旒垡桓龅丶邸 环境是差了点,不过仍然觉得好 帧<蚵男@裉盟拇喾纾∠÷ 渎涞淖判┤耍ǖ浦翱吹贸龅 缬澳徊忌厦姘卟捣⒕傻哪晖罚 诹轨挠舶宓噬希皇呛苁娣 还褂幸恢秩萌烁煜ず透媸 档目吹缬暗姆瘴А 四周一片漆黑后,自...

Posted by m2m @ 03/04/2004 03:15 PM GMT8
前面是超现实的,下面是超级现实 的。

Posted by andina @ 02/29/2004 01:09 PM GMT8
兔兔在到处借模拟题,我才知道青 岛市公务员报名早已结束!没有一 个人告诉我!! 又一个希望破灭了。 很可笑,真的很可笑。国家公务 北蔽也恢溃嗟菏泄裨北 胰匀徊恢馈 我都在忙些什么,为什么我会不 溃 怨不得任何人。我只有靠自己, 以缇兔靼住 利益冲突,呵呵,真是一个很现 档拇驶恪 我又失去...

Posted by OMYSUN @ 02/16/2004 04:29 AM GMT8
I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? - Emily Dickenson

Posted by zoidberg @ 02/15/2004 02:53 PM GMT8
Almost everybody in Shanghai can speak Shanghaiese, usually its only spoken betwen friends or family though.  In most situations, Mandarin is used. Its a strange sounding language.  Unique sounding, to try to describe it, i would say it sounds a bit like, French, Japanese & even...

Posted by superkevin @ 02/13/2004 05:46 PM GMT8
Divorce Wish Woman Ordered To Fall To The Ground
A council of elders in a village in southern India has ordered a woman to fall at their feet for five hours, as punishment for requesting a divorce.   The Hindustan Times newspaper reports elders in Valaypatti, Tamil Nadu, ordered the 'punishment' to be awarded to Suganthi after she sent a...

Posted by mohan @ 02/02/2004 01:58 PM GMT8
and welcome to monday
I tell you, if I can figure out how this thing works I might just buy the company. more muck to come. richard

Posted by Chaz @ 01/24/2004 08:09 PM GMT8
琿丁⊿Τ糶ら癘 垛...ㄤ龟硂琿丁祇ネ骸ㄆ  и碞硋ン弧 ,程ぃ秨み琌 ぃ惧眔ぐ或,礛癚菇и ぐ或ぃ弧 и獶盽繷铭,会Τ眔ぃ ぃフ稰谋 ,и瞒秨cosplay 瘤礛弧籔硂ㄆЧ礚闽ぃ ぃ筁,ぃ荷硂 璓,и琌ㄆ璶暗 常...

Posted by Bang @ 01/02/2004 09:47 AM GMT7
Little Susie, she was only twelve...
We are, we are. The youth of the naaation.We are, we are.The youth of the nay-tion.Have a spankin' New Year everyone. We are the youth of the nation. =)

Posted by Paul's @ 01/01/2004 12:01 AM GMT8
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