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Posted by world with him @ 06/11/2004 06:16 PM GMT8
i saw you... on the bus.. i didn't greet you.... did i? no i didn't... cos i know it's pointless... not sure whether you saw me on the bus cos i did walked past you.. not deliberately of course.... well.. but still.... we didn't even exchange a single 'hi'... that's how sad things are now......

Posted by 3rd-floor-CQer @ 06/10/2004 01:00 AM GMT8
因为我自己不能看到了。 每次都打不开了。

Posted by Free Range Brown @ 06/06/2004 10:53 AM GMT8
Giv'r Flames
  Taken from a radio interveiw with Calgary Flames player Chris Simon:   "Well, were not as nervous as maybe some of those other guys in the other locker room, we're just gonna go out and Giv'r"    Spoken like a try Calgarian.  Go out and Giv'r. Just another blog...

Posted by A Madman in China @ 05/31/2004 11:46 PM GMT8
Recently I have grown not only one year older but yes, one year "wiser". I am sure you will be able to confirm by comparing this story with last years birthday story. This by no means is 100% true to the actual events, as many of the events have been skewed by the effects of massive...

Posted by Soul Sail @ 05/24/2004 03:48 PM GMT8
喜悦是蝴蝶 在地面款款飞舞 但悲伤是巨鸟 挥动强壮的黑色硕翼 让你高高超越人生 在阳光与成长里翱翔 带你到悼亡天使 俯瞰死神洞穴的天隅   ----《西西莉娅的世界》 (Through the glass,darkly)

Posted by goodrain @ 05/04/2004 06:06 PM GMT8
思考乐买书没折扣。当然书城也没 有。思考乐书不全。思考乐有小板 凳,可以坐着看5本,字多的买本 厝タ础K阍谡劭劾铩N抑恢懒礁 鲂”Γば”蚃OYSHORE里署名 癇AO”的那一个。这俩都不象能出 书的样子。那这本书应该是第三个 小宝写的。现在什么东西都要娱乐 化,国际形式都娱乐化了,写专栏 写杂文更不能太肃。不然没人看。 ...

Posted by topaz @ 05/04/2004 01:20 PM GMT8
刚把照片倒进硬盘,可以空出记 淇ɡ瓷辖至恕   照片是个可怕的东西,有时是记 溆惺笔侵ぞ荩迷谖沂歉鲅岫裰ぞ 莸娜耍医鱿不都且洹   早上起来收到一则短信,原来是G 发重了的,仍旧笑个半死。足见G 媸俏业耐校庑腥司换嵩谑只 锎嬲庋亩绦拧   认识G比较荒唐,昨晚,新浪的聊 天室里。...

Posted by day day up @ 05/03/2004 06:01 PM GMT8
繁華背面是一片凋零 激情背面是一片虛無 生命搖擺於執著與了悟之間

Posted by .:|Aquapolis|:. @ 04/19/2004 10:25 PM GMT8
i never chose what to fail..
Notes:I'll be a whiner temporarily,but I'm still in love with this world. This is the first week after the mid-term exam,everything is crashing down. What annoys me isn't the 3 failures in Physics,Chemistry and Maths,it's people's attitude towards it. It's so frustrating that everyone thinks it...

Posted by ↖瞋 @ 04/06/2004 05:27 AM GMT8


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