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Posted by lucyjia @ 08/27/2007 05:18 PM GMT8

Posted by TCKgroup @ 08/27/2007 12:14 PM GMT8
Are you familiar with wire ropes ndt?
TCK wire rope inspection technology co., ltd is a wire rope tester manufacturer. Wire rope ndt instrument can inspect various wire rope flaws utilizing its unique weak magnetic inspection technology.   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Are you familiar with wire ropes? As an important...

Posted by emma @ 08/17/2006 12:07 PM GMT7
仿佛 。

Posted by arashi @ 11/15/2005 12:04 AM GMT-5
new address | 新地址
不知道还有没有人过来看 写下新地址吧~ @ 异域岚 @ 出门闲逛

Posted by Chocolate Life @ 09/06/2005 12:46 PM GMT-6
Allerton半日游(一 景观) nbsp; Allerton是 6366;经是一& #20010;私人庄 ;园,她į 40;主人Robert...

Posted by BingAndBing @ 06/24/2005 01:06 PM GMT8
    鍥炲浗 濂介暱涓娈垫椂闂翠簡,涓鐩存 ℃湁鑳藉鍥炲埌杩欓噷鏉,杩樹 互涓烘槸BlogDrive.Com鐨勬湇鍔 鍧忔帀浜嗐備粖澶╃獊鍙戝鎯 浣跨敤浠g悊杩囨潵涓鐪嬶紝灞 鐒惰兘澶熶笂鏉ワ紝閮侀椃銆傝 姝荤殑閭d粈涔堜粈涔堝惂銆備笉 杩囪佺瀹楁暀鑲茬殑濂斤紝浜 鍦ㄥ眿妾愪笅涓嶅緱涓嶄綆澶达紝 ...

Posted by HaiLonginChina @ 01/18/2005 08:43 PM GMT8
Hai Long returns to Blogdom!!
It's been a long time away from the lair.... but something must have happened in the offices of power to reverse the ban on Blogdrives in China.... I'M BACK AND READY TO BLOG TO MY HEARTS CONTENT!! This is a short message to check that my excitement is not premature...... never really been a...

Posted by tamaraleigh @ 11/05/2004 10:16 AM GMT8
the blog is dead....
Ok, this thing has degraded to the point where IF I can access it, I don't get the tags, cant see the buttons and hotpoints, and cant load anything. Screw it. Since I dont know if this is even being posted I'm going to abandon it all together and try something new. Hopefully the new one will be...

Posted by dorsinchina @ 10/14/2004 02:46 PM GMT8
Like an alien in this town, the wide dusty desert streets, step into a back street and suddenly it's a different world, narrow winding mudbrick mazes, watch your step or you're down in the hole. Muslim brown-skinned faces, all-seeing all-knowing eyes. People so beautiful you want to paint their...

Posted by world with him @ 06/11/2004 06:16 PM GMT8
i saw you... on the bus.. i didn't greet you.... did i? no i didn't... cos i know it's pointless... not sure whether you saw me on the bus cos i did walked past you.. not deliberately of course.... well.. but still.... we didn't even exchange a single 'hi'... that's how sad things are now......


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