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Posted by Beyond Distance @ 05/13/2008 11:33 AM GMT-5
New Tricks
Fanny: Yesterday was another tough day. Kay cried a lot again. We guessed she was bored but we were also not sure what to do to make her happy. We tried to talk to her, carry her around (till my hand hurt), give her toys & play with her. But nothing worked. I also tried searching on the...

Posted by 1nside my mind @ 04/21/2008 11:50 PM GMT-5
Saying Goodbye again
On Saturday my grandma passed away. I didn't go out of the house Saturday - cancelled all my photo shoots and stayed in with the fam. Sunday I went out for the first time - and it was almost tangible the feeling taht something in the world was amiss. There was a hole in my universe - a big gaping...

Posted by My Layer @ 04/15/2008 12:19 AM GMT-6
HI i guess its been quite awhile, about two years i think, well, ALOT has happened in two years, so where do i begin? i guess where i left off.. Me and my boyfriend taran were doing good, we had a baby girl together, her name is Amie Catherine Delomi Roberts, and she is the most beautiful angel...

Posted by Acid-Squirrel @ 03/26/2008 03:40 PM GMT-5
WTH mate
Okie so i dont Exactly understand most people okie since my lasy blog i started dating my Ex boyfreind cody which is bad because he always causes problems and really starts to Make me mad....i dont even know why whent back to him .. one of my freinds thaught that i stilled loved him but in away.....

Posted by mostlyappropriate @ 02/01/2008 05:23 PM GMT-8
more ouchies
hmm, seems like this place is beginning to be the place I come & report all my ouchies, rather than a regular record of life goings-on. well, at least they're things that have gone on, so they qualify.about 3 weeks ago we had a huge dump of snow here; weighed so much it broke a huge branch off...

Posted by stellar*view @ 02/10/2008 11:54 PM GMT-5
Ella, Ella
Generally, I hate award shows (especially music award shows), but the Grammys were spectacular tonight.  Probably the classiest awards show I've seen in years.  Alicia won first of the night, Kanye won and performed a song for his mother that had hot tears streaming down my face, The Time...

Posted by gracious! @ 01/30/2008 12:08 PM GMT-5
baby acne
so its called baby acne. pediatrician said not to worry about anything and that it would go away by itself. i am now starting to hate that. i often tell myself when a flu hits me that this thing came by itself it will go away by itself--without having to take any medication. and now... i have to...

Posted by MISAGH TABRIZI @ 01/29/2008 03:15 PM GMT-8
Mississauga Teaching Project
  ( 080127 ) Quote from Mississauga CGC in regards to Mississauga's Latest Teaching Project dated 27 Jan 2008 -->   "Through our collective effort, united in our hearts and thoughts, we experienced the heavenly taste of true collective teaching these past two weekends.  As a...

Posted by TropicalStorm @ 01/25/2008 05:44 PM GMT-5
I haven't been home for more than an hour and I am at it again.  I am trying to write in my other blog and got angry at myself.  Quite furious actually.  Because I think someone doesn't understand me right now. And I am frustrated. And off I go.  Round two with...

Posted by Rusted Halo @ 01/23/2008 07:26 AM GMT11
More Drums Rock! Less Drums Suck! LOL
Well, I am down to the basic kit again.  WIP moved into is apartment and set up his drums there so he can practise every day! We had our drums set up together and it rocked! My kit and his floor tom, cymbals and cowbell.  Plus his double bass pedal. I really want to buy another floor...


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