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Posted by roxas @ 11/24/2009 02:18 AM GMT-8
<sub>"You're in the shower a lot lately," he commented as she stepped out of the washroom for the third time that day. He discreetly turned away as she stepped towards him, painfully aware of how the wet towel clung to the contours of her body."It gets cold," she said simply, shaking wet hair...

Posted by hear the music @ 11/10/2009 10:24 AM GMT-5
a new and strange dream...
MWPS gym. Termin was chasing me for a bit before leading me to the stage, where he had stated before that he wanted to hear me play the piano. There was a choir group using it, and another choir group in the back part of the stage, so we sat facing each other at a table in between them and waited....

Posted by iNsolentANDlibre @ 10/31/2009 04:35 PM GMT-4
Noche de brujas. La cálida y ténue luz de las velas nos recuerdan que sólo somos un haz de luz en la inmensa oscuridad de la noche... De las tiniebras saldrán los espíritus vagabundos del mundo de los muertos y los recuerdos de una antigua vida. Sus risas macabras no me acongojan pues me siento...

Posted by Dinomite! @ 10/09/2009 02:31 AM GMT-5
Et Deux Par Deux, On Avale Nos Mots
No Photoshop

Posted by Health Tips 4 you @ 09/15/2009 06:11 PM GMT-5
My twitter address
I havent been able to figure out how to put links or a blog roll on the side bar of these blogdrive blogs so i'll just put the links in my posts and under my categories sections.My Twitter address

Posted by Lyrical Release @ 09/03/2009 03:38 PM GMT-5
Ice - Lights
My mouth is frozen so I can't even speak.What a disappointment, I had it perfectly;what I was going to bring up suddenly.Stood like a stone as you stood quietly.You're making it hard for me.All I can do is freeze.What I mean is, all I need is,just a little emotion.'Cause all I see is you not...

Posted by Go Write A Book @ 04/23/2009 07:12 AM GMT-8
a challenge
i am in desperate need of reaching out beyond my small life in whitby. i want to meet new people and experience a million crazy new things and have some fucking FUN for once, gawd! my life has become stale. work, sleep, hang out with boyfriend, sleep, work, hang out with boyfriend. it's boring. i...

Posted by Unanim0use @ 04/08/2009 04:58 AM GMT-7
What the...where am I?
So...weird thing happened....I've been pluggin along, living my life, feeling pretty good about myself and where things are going. I've finished my degree - I may not have a job in my field but I don't feel that it was a waste or that I'll never do anything with that degree...someday maybe I'll use...

Posted by dreamplanet @ 02/18/2009 11:48 PM GMT-5
¤À¤£²M 2009 Feb 18

Posted by TheAtticusDiaries @ 01/27/2009 10:18 PM GMT-5
Cinq Un Quatre...
It's the city of a million church towers. It's the city of the forked tongue - once split evenly along St.Laurent boulevard into an Anglophone West and a Francophone East, now muddled in an Allophone melange. It's the city of the meticulously beautiful - conscious enough of appearances to border on...


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