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Posted by Gloriana @ 12/06/2010 04:21 PM GMT-5
To me, goalie fighting is the very height of athletic comedy, almost witty in an absurd sort of way. Two guys -- usually skinny, nimble types -- whose frames have been doubled in size with the padding they wear, whose roles are the least aggressive on the ice, whose talent lies not...

Posted by Sound Words @ 11/27/2010 02:34 PM GMT-5
Bible based blogs
Bible teaching and...

Posted by SoulSongs @ 08/27/2010 06:19 PM GMT-6
To read recent poetry written by me please follow the links: Triond KDB-SoulFriend

Posted by *Love, Carrie* @ 08/17/2010 09:55 PM GMT-5
sudden rush for lollipop!
so here I am... can't study... so What do I do to keep myself going... I go online and go to google images and typed in..... LOLLIPOP!!!! here are my results of lollipop rush! 1. cute, blue eye lollipop girl2. listen to Korean Oh Lollipop! v=zIRW_elc-rY3. can't...

Posted by Gettin' By @ 07/22/2010 12:34 AM GMT-6
"THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF!" they're all death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and pearls

Posted by writing @ 05/31/2010 08:17 PM GMT-5
Poem type thingy.
"Sex, drugs and alcohol,All that and a blow to the head,It doesnt stop there,Cuz he aint dead. Black eyes, a fractured jaw,More words of hate and horror stories,No happy endings,No more glories. Numb all over,Same old feeling, brand new day,Keeps his mouth shut,With so much to say."

Posted by OGUL CIRAK @ 05/23/2010 01:41 PM GMT-7
Tanrimla beraberiz su an..
Islak bir aksamustu adam camdan bakarken hayalleriyle bos bir sokaga,islanan yuzunden cok kalbindeki kuraklikla gulumsuyordu birden tanri adamin yanaklarina dokundu..''ben senin yanimdayim’’Hangimiz senin yanimizda olmadan rahatsizdik ki? Kim ellerimi, yuregimi boyle isitabilirdi senden...

Posted by Lost In Absence @ 05/11/2010 01:06 AM GMT-5
Could Not
He didn't know where my tears had abruptly come from. I felt that if I told him it was because I felt more alone with him than I did by myself, it would hurt him too much. I want to be completely honest and open with him, but at the expense of his feelings--I could not. 

Posted by Jayne Benz @ 01/05/2010 10:35 AM GMT-8
What is this?
We broke up and back to the limbo stage....I honestly don't know what to do anymore.  He agrees with me that we both want this, but yet we're not a typical our way of approaching this is different.  But yet, on new years... i just wanted to his voice.  It's not like he...

Posted by Luna Lovegood @ 12/14/2009 12:34 PM GMT-7
Chapter 6: Fighting
   She walked out of Sergeant Nelson's quaters. She could not believe what just happend. How the hell did she manage to let her guard down? She SWORE she didn't care about anything. That STUPID flyer! That flimsy, idiotic insignificant piece of paper that  for some reason she...


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