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Posted by The Process @ 01/09/2016 02:45 PM GMT-7
The Military / Professional Sports Complex
The Military / Professional Sports ComplexMay 31, These days it should be painfully obvious that the military treats their veterans like used Kleen-ex. They’re heroes when the corporations trot them off to war, and seem to be disposed of when they return as damaged goods....

Posted by Sofamousdummies @ 03/14/2015 12:21 PM GMT-8
A creepy Famili Matter episode?
Have fun watching this funny video from family matter staring the legendary steven q Urkel. And a creepy ventriloquist dummy. v=DF7ZwNRiiVg Normal 0 21 false false false ...

Posted by truthiness @ 01/10/2015 09:33 PM GMT-6
Christ as empty
I gave my assent to Christianity when I was 4 years old.I followed the way of Christianity for nearly 15 years straight whole heartedly. Possibly longer, possibly less.It began to fall apart for me when I felt the voice of the god I follow tell methat I would deny him.Knowing well Peter's mistake...

Posted by My Crazy Ass Life @ 01/08/2015 10:20 AM GMT-6
Losing My Job
  So I have worked since I was 14.  I have never really been out of a job except for when I had my son and I was extremely ill and it took me a year to recuperate. I have worked at a lot places, McDonalds and grocery stores when I was in high school, offices as receptionist,...

Posted by insanetattoos @ 01/05/2015 12:13 AM GMT-8
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Posted by Windows 7 Notes @ 11/14/2014 10:19 PM GMT-7
Welcome To The Windows 7 Notes Blog
Hello, and thanks for stopping by my Windows 7 Notes Blog here on This blog is a collection of notes and information I made and collected while programming Microsoft Windows 7 computer software applications in Microsoft Visual Studio for Microsoft Windows 7 computers.

Posted by codswallop @ 10/15/2014 08:11 PM GMT-6
It Begins
Everything seems to get congested the moment you become a mother. You never seem to have time for anything, and although some things like, dishes and laundry, seem like they can wait just "one more day", after 3 days the task suddenly becomes daunting. I have also noticed that everything you do...

Posted by What's For Dinner @ 09/14/2014 06:27 PM GMT-8
Well damn.
This thing still exists? I may have to find new recipes to add. Contributions from strangers always welcome.

Posted by Divine Intuition @ 05/23/2014 01:36 AM GMT-5
I Will Always HATE Flying.
It's always such an uneasy feeling, being 38,000 ft. up in the air. You know the statistics, you know that flying is safer than just about anything we talking monkeys decide to do, but you still imagine all manner of horrible plane-death.Every "bump", as the pilot so fondly refers to them, conjures...

Posted by Insurance tips @ 05/20/2014 05:11 PM GMT-5
Whole life insurance - The many advantages associated with the one of the most reputable business inside the united states.
Whole life insuranceIn contrast to regular whole life insurance products which take premiums to develop money worth up until the policy matures, guaranteed life insurance provide investment choices that come with some degree of danger, just like any other type of investment. These kinds of...


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