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Brunei Darussalam


Posted by Whu made it vogue @ 05/25/2004 09:28 PM GMT6
||Ride on em'||
Meet my babies.. =)) >Range stormermore of roof? whoa..>Chryslersmooth..nice lightsPS: I was bored!! hehe byee!!.

Posted by Im mE @ 02/07/2004 05:43 PM GMT7
Hua Xiang
EYt! hMm..wats the menu for 2day??..daym..i didnt go for my training since like wat? 2 days ago? dats a long tym for me man!! ahha..nda branie jln coz my Leg Still HUrts + i didnt Hav eNuf sleeP..i dun think I hav the aPpetite to do anythng..I didnt even eat! hah! how great was...

Posted by Impressed @ 02/04/2004 11:55 AM GMT8
it had been a while!!!
wkae up so early also nothing to do.... hai~~ not much people online one.. last few days... went to a lot of dinner party.. the CCC, the CHMS, my house and my uncle house one... and going to have someone till the end of the week...... on sat....... somone b'day coming up... ehhe.. gona do something...

Posted by OurThoughts @ 01/10/2004 08:40 AM GMT7
hellew.. good morning.. hehe.. i decided to blog here for a while coz our site is still under construction.. *giggles* So i havent blog for a long time.. i know someone's have been complaining that we havent update our blog *coughfizah*cough*  I really like this blogdrive.. coz it look...


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