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Posted by conelculo @ 01/29/2004 07:53 AM GMT-1
mas musica con el puto culo
Ummm, aki un mierda pinchada en un palo con todo su jugo, representado por dos de las grandes artistas de nuestro panorama televisivo, a ver si adivinais. pálpito (mp3)

Posted by one eight seven @ 11/08/2003 11:02 PM GMT-5
Haha Catherine! ....hey looked i copied someone....
oh mannnnnn....GOOD TIMES. lol catherine...GOOD TIMES..... key words now.... catherine. chelsea. dolan. austin. capacity. football. chelsea intercepts football and runs with 6 year olds chasing behind. apple juice, chelsea runs. "are we having fun yet". mann...we are from chicago and in...

Posted by mile long smile @ 08/20/2003 03:56 PM GMT-4
Happy.. what?
So it appears that this hobo's days as an unemployed bum have been threatened. Tomorrow at 11 am she has a job interview. Wishes of luck and such would be appreciated.

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