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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Posted by iix TvojaMaza xii @ 04/10/2004 03:17 PM GMT-6
samnom je 'niista' sve : )
bem tii pollen viise joj ,, da hoce bitii ziima ciijelu godiinu radii ovog cuda :) ,, ajj evo da skratiim priicu ,, some guyz are sweetest huggers u ever notiice that hehe ? : D spriing break je do sad OkiiC biio ,, nemam prava da kukam jer ne iidem u skolu hiihii ,, iizgleda da mii je buraz opet...

Posted by lilbaybii23 @ 01/25/2004 02:28 PM GMT-8
FrIdAy:: went to margies after tew school and then took a shower and got ready and her house and then went to seths for a lil while and joel and everybody was there and we just hung out there for like 2 hours and then we went to the park lol yeh were cool and stayed there for like 30 mins an dthen...

Posted by Chrstn @ 01/10/2004 07:33 AM GMT-8
GAH!I spent like all last night thinking about him and I still cant stop thinking about him.... hes like idk burned in my brain or something and its sad because i havent seen him for like 5 months and that is DAMN SAD and no no wait I saw him once in november but that was like for 2 seconds and...

Posted by Sammy's Life @ 12/11/2003 03:01 PM GMT-5
i hope it snows!!
heyyyyyyyyyyy today was fun..... i had first lunch so i got to see all of my friends that i usually dont see!! =)  Then after lunch i had biology...we had to make a 16 year old kid with our genes and stuff it was fun...except i was paired up with a girl and we had an ugly ass 16 year...

Posted by my thoughts @ 10/01/2003 06:18 PM GMT-5
i just had a fucking ap bio test.. awesome.. i thought it would be better than it was.. i guess anything above an 85 ill be ecstatic with. ahhh so dr berkman wants to put me on zoloft. awesome. i probably need it. im ocd and i therefore exhibit self destructive behavior. wow, sick. anyway im...

Posted by TORUS @ 09/14/2003 04:13 AM GMT-8
Noćna smjena u Yes
Trenutno samo Latif surfa na računaru 6. Dvojica taksista su otišli prije pola sata. Ja jedva držim oči otvorne!


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