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Posted by rhyth @ 04/09/2009 10:47 AM GMT-2
hybrid car

Posted by angeLdreams77 @ 02/12/2004 06:29 PM GMT-5
screw this. I'm going back to Xanga. sorry chchurchie, but xanga is just better.

Posted by my journal shit @ 08/16/2003 09:05 PM GMT-8
kindergarten version of first entry
1. I dont like my mom much 2. If it wasnt for my friends now id be tottaly different. 3. Mike is my BEST friend. 4. Mark is my second best friend. 5. Noelle and Ozzie and chathai are my third best friends. 6. I love danni. 7. i dont have much against drugs but im not doin em' for you. 8....

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