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US Minor Outlying Islands


Posted by toliet cleaning @ 06/23/2015 03:34 PM GMT-7
How to Clean a Toliet
Step1; Begin by flushing toliet for remains Step2: Go Ahead add bleach or comet into the toliet bowl Step 3: Spray disinfect spray on seat (top/bottom),spray on top of bowl,exterior of bowl and top of tank Step 4: Begin by using a toliet brush to clean the inside rim of toliet and bottom of...

Posted by Bharani @ 10/10/2014 11:52 AM GMT-7
Time stands still
Time stands still when you look in my eyesWith twinkling joy and yet just nothingness fills meTime stands still when you act out your pranksWith sheer abandon and yet charm fills meTime stands still when you dance and falterWith little tiny feet and yet energy fills meTime stands still when you...

Posted by nfljet @ 09/17/2013 09:04 AM GMT-8
more attention will cause stores Bottega Veneta
foreigners consumption abroad, once bought the fakes , you should use the local laws for their own rights. In the UK, there are multiple legal protection not only to the interests of consumers, but also a special anti-counterfeiting body to oversee the fake trafficking. If...

Posted by 5-4-04 @ 05/04/2004 05:12 PM GMT-8
Hey guys! im so sore from practice today...and my knee is really bothering me, i might have to go see a physical therapist which really sucks. i've never had any problems with my knee or ne thing before, i was lucky till now. oh well :-/ tomorrow kelby and i are staying after and then we are...

Posted by ~*Muñeca*~ @ 03/29/2004 06:24 PM GMT-5
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Michael!!! You are the sweetest boy that i have ever met and i'm glad you are my Best Friend.Hope ya get wat u want. ~Lynn

Posted by Eeyores Journal @ 03/23/2004 01:07 AM GMT-5
Depressed as usual
Well as usual I am in alot of pain and cant figure out what to do about it. If it aint my back its my stomach. Damn gallstones. I am happy now that I am no longer yellow god I love that feeling. I wake up white instead of yellow YEAH YEAH YEAH *Screams for joy* Nite Nite time.

Posted by .Lost. @ 11/29/2003 10:14 AM GMT-8
.Enter Natyla.
†Cursed: Natyla Amorilia† †Race: Decadere Angelo† †Age: Over 100† †Alignment: Dark† †Description: {Coming Soon}† †Personality: {Coming Soon}† †History: (Coming Soon}† Yes...Alot of coming soons...but c'mon people, do you expect me to make a whole story in one...


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