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Yukon Territory

Posted by ElvenStar5 @ 01/14/2005 10:35 AM GMT-8
*sigh* sooooo bored... So, just decided to come online and just screw around doing nothing at all while every other stupid person in my school does what they're actually supposed to be doing it! Teeheehee... now for some words of wisdom... Don't monkey around with another monkey's monkey!!!!...

Posted by Al and Car @ 12/01/2003 03:45 PM GMT-5
Parents Suck
Parents suck, how are you gonna know what you want when they won't let you find out what you need? ur kids aren't just ur kids, their their own person too....wierd huh? I had a bad love ya all

Posted by Fused Glass @ 10/16/2003 10:21 PM GMT-5
Hey, I'm very sorry I haven't written in so long but it's not like many people read it anyway so I'm not too worried. In fact, it's quite interesting it is to see who your real friends are in life, and if you really have any. It's funny because so many people say that you lose ur innocence...

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