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Posted by Fiction and stuff @ 01/22/2004 08:30 PM GMT-8
Girl without a name...cont.
Shasi was lying down on the ground now, looking up at the stars. She and the man, Noah, had decided on eating first before asking questions or bringing up other matters. Now with a full belly, she sat up and asked broke the silence. "So, why were you out at sea?" The man let out a long sigh. "It...

Posted by dwagon @ 10/26/2003 01:43 AM GMT-7
I'm better off dead
Tonight I finally realize why I smoke pot, and why if I ever stop for an extended period of time, I'll probably end up killing myself. I quit puffing this past week - up until today anyways.  Everything went alright, nothing spectacular, but then the doubt, the worry, the regret, the...

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