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Posted by sea of dreams... @ 09/16/2004 08:47 PM GMT-6
no ones there to save me....
i'm only here, cause no one reads this blog. i'm here to say somehting...that i can't say anywhere else i drink. and i will continue to...because it gets me away from everything that bothers the fuck out of me. it makes me feel like i'm on top of the world, like i can do i'm not the...

Posted by Primer Grey @ 09/04/2004 06:47 PM GMT-6
dinner poll.
and the verdict is; Cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal, cereal.

Posted by ~*Kimber Joy*~ @ 09/03/2004 12:54 PM GMT-6
Hey... Um I'm @ lizzypuff's right now.. n we went to the fair last nite with Churish...n then me n Churish stayed the nite here @ liz's and Mike n Megan came over.. n its so f-in hot today.. Ni sure wish whoever was sayign shit about liz would stop n GROW UP!! sheesh... I really dont kno what to...

Posted by Trish's Journal @ 08/30/2004 10:27 PM GMT-6
 SO i havent written in this thing for along time and i have like a million stories but i dont think people even read this so im not gonna write them down neway so this is a quick story.... Haha ok so i went to the grocery store and i was walking out with some groceries and stuff and this...

Posted by xxSweetPunkxx @ 08/25/2004 12:17 AM GMT-6
all natural
i didnt write for a long time cuz i have been so busy lately... i came home from montello and rite away i had to go to the hospital... my grandpa is in there agian.. he has namonia really bad and its making shit fucked up all over... some infection or something... idk... so ive been at the hospital...

Posted by Bwah @ 07/24/2004 10:43 PM GMT-6
Hannah Birthday "Card"
That's what I was trying to get to show.

Posted by lilsweetie16 @ 07/24/2004 08:09 PM GMT-8
*As long as your happy, even if it's not with me, I'll deal with the pain.
I'm home! Well actually I got back yesterday. It was one of the best weeks that I've had in a long time. Like everyone on my boat was just awesome. There were four boats. The counselors on my boat were Tim and Amy and they were both hilarious. There were six girls on our boat --Caitlin,...

Posted by thedevilschild @ 07/24/2004 02:13 PM GMT-6
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Posted by Starting Over @ 07/12/2004 04:34 PM GMT-6
The End.
:music: Dashboard Confessional ;-) This is the end of this journal. Blogdrive has screwed around enough with my computer, so I'm leaving. Here's my new one, though. zish Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. -MacKenzie :-)

Posted by The blog @ 07/06/2004 11:22 PM GMT-6
Babysitting and whatevrelse that pops into my head
Mood: tierd, and a little bored Music: still the ringing in my ear I must be sick, either that or I have absoulutly nothing to do. This is my second journal entry of the day. That's scary. I'm tierd, like I said I got up at 9, and around 2 something I took a nice nap untill 4:45, I'm...


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