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Posted by JuJu B. @ 12/23/2004 04:06 PM GMT-6
Ending the year
What can I say?  I'm going to end the year with a broken heart, and it's all my fault.  If I wasn't so stupid, if I didn't always make the wrong choices, things wouldn't be like this.  If I didn't fall for the wrong guy, if I didn't turn off my emotions at the wrong time,...

Posted by poser_chick @ 12/07/2004 04:59 PM GMT-6
Soon enough
Well soon enough i shall be off to Arizona...i guess i have no idea when the next time i will write this stuff down.... me and keith are still together...damn i know its like the longest i've gone out with a guy...and i actually like him. HA. N e ways i'm about to head off to cheerleading...i guess...

Posted by K*STAR @ 11/28/2004 11:16 PM GMT-6
After thanksgiving sales
I Didn't know what to title it, so i think that this works.  Anyway...thanksgiving break....  Nice to see family again.  Katelyn was happy that we hung out on Saturday.  I got some rice crispy treats Mmmmmmmmm. Saw aunt & one cousin from florida, my step-brother got...

Posted by Six AM Tour Diary @ 11/14/2004 11:05 AM GMT-6
About That Time
Well, it's about that time for an update.  This is Six AM coming to you live from Appleton.  We've taken about a one month sabbatical, but we are back in full force and ready to rock your friggin' socks off.  Don't worry, measly mortals, the music of our quad of rock will be readily...

Posted by Matt @ 10/23/2004 03:59 PM GMT-6
Courtney's party
i'm at Court's new house. yay. Happy Birthday!

Posted by Manda wohoo! @ 10/22/2004 04:31 PM GMT-6
TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!!!~
<<<<<<Me and mle walking the dog..  What an ASS! <<<<< Geoff dumped that lasted!! <<Iwant flowers on my birthday!!!! again!! lol ahh shit i forgot my quiz URL lol...

Posted by lexletters @ 10/19/2004 10:18 AM GMT-6
LEX LETTERS 10.19.04
Hey everyone, sorry for the long time since we've written... A lot has occurred since we wrote last, some good, some bad... Unfortunately, we have no immediate plans to complete our album, and the future existence of LEX REX itself is a big question mark... In the meantime, I've doing some...

Posted by don't look back @ 10/15/2004 04:44 PM GMT-6
i don't ever wanna be like you.... i dunno. i guess i'm posting here, cause no one reads it. it's sorta like....i wanna write something, because i need tell someone...but i don't wanna tell my friends, and i wanna do it where people read it. does that make sense?? like i don't know....i want someone to know how i...

Posted by HELP~HANK @ 09/27/2004 09:24 AM GMT11
ALRIGHT ILL UPDATE!!!!!lol...sorry but everytime i tried to update my puter wud freeze so been a while :D:D Im sitting at liz's on her puter...obviously...chillin w/ her mle and kimber!! The day after homecoming....It was so so....but hey wat can i not a dance person!...

Posted by sea of dreams... @ 09/16/2004 08:47 PM GMT-6
no ones there to save me....
i'm only here, cause no one reads this blog. i'm here to say somehting...that i can't say anywhere else i drink. and i will continue to...because it gets me away from everything that bothers the fuck out of me. it makes me feel like i'm on top of the world, like i can do i'm not the...


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