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West Virginia


Posted by livndagr8life @ 11/03/2003 07:00 PM GMT-5
Caught in the Middle
Well over all I had a very good day but I was caught in the middle of a sort of war with some friends. Apparently Monica had kissed some guy or should I say some guy kissed her at a party and it wasn't her bf. So last night she told her bf what happened, being the open person she is, and his...

Posted by quotes n stuff @ 10/23/2003 03:42 PM GMT-6
Away Messages Gummie Bears 2 A B C D E F G gummie bears are chasing me, one is red, one blue, a yellow one has my shoe, now the green on has a knife and im running for my life submitted by: puppies8me Date: 2003-06-25 crazy So you think I'm crazy, do you? So you think I...

Posted by _Kristin_ @ 10/22/2003 12:42 PM GMT-5
Note to self- It's late October and with the threat of snow it would be wise to purchase a coat. Perhaps even more the wiser to wear one. So I'm back from lunch and for the next two hours I'm expected to type up some address labels for our new annual fund drive. Don't get me wrong, typing ain't...

Posted by EricaTragedy @ 10/16/2003 12:42 PM GMT-8
..Nothing can stop me now cuz I really dont care anymore...
Aww!  Today was just GRAND.  I'm writing this here, because I don't want everyone in the world to read my stuff.. and I reallly need to vent.. melo just isn't the place to go for entries like this .. *tear* I love my melo.. stupid people.. Today I cut for the first time in ages. ...

Posted by Sarah's Diary @ 09/03/2003 03:32 AM GMT-5
Muskrat love seems so much more appealing than any other love.

Posted by angelbabi @ 08/29/2003 11:15 PM GMT-5
im so sleeeeeepy
man im so was a long day. i went to norths game 2nite. it was okay nothing to earth shattering happenned. well margie is stayin 2nite. welp im tired so i am going to bed. g'nite! T.e.R.e.S.a.

Posted by Spike @ 08/25/2003 06:37 AM GMT-5
About me!!
Well let see how should I start this.....Guess a little about me!! I am a 22 year old male, living in West Virginia.  I am 5'9 150# blond hair blue eyes and just your average guy here.

Posted by glory06 @ 08/21/2003 10:33 AM GMT-8
Last night when I heard the news I just started bawling and asking why? She was a great person with still so much to offer. She had such a big heart and gentle soul. Life treated her harshly, but she handled it with so much grace to put alot of us to shame. How I miss her. Church won't be...


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