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Posted by Lynn World @ 11/29/2004 01:41 PM GMT-8
I just joined Netflix a few days ago - or rather, we did - and my new hobby is rating movies and writing reviews. Lord knows I've seen enough of them! I have nothing interesting to say. I vaccuumed. Wow.

Posted by untitled @ 11/21/2004 11:48 PM GMT-8
forgot i once blogged: but that ok becuase everything has changed.

Posted by Best Deceptions @ 11/02/2004 04:24 PM GMT-8
scary movie 2 quotes
"my pussy's gone crazy!" "make room for fanny. watch out for fanny. fanny's coming through." "MY GERMS!" "talk dirty to me." "i'm gonna piss on you and fart in your mouth and then i'm gonna shit all over these walls!"\ "let me use my STRONG HAND." "MASHED...

Posted by The Goals Within @ 10/25/2004 11:44 PM GMT-8
How to be awesome:
1. Make a trans-ocean crossing in a sailboat [Used to be "build my own boat, sail around the world by myself." But... I've changed my mind. An ocean crossing will do]. 2. Go hiking on the Great Wall [again] and sleep in one of the widow towers. 3. Become multilingual. Preferred...

Posted by Our Wedding @ 10/11/2004 10:40 PM GMT-8
See The Pictures!!!
Jon Meyers has beaten us to the online posting and the best of the photos he took are on his website! Check out his site to see them. You can order prints from him, but the deadline to do so is December 31st. Tell all your friends! (I swear we will post vows soon...we're adjusting to school and...

Posted by Fatass Chipmunk @ 10/08/2004 11:25 AM GMT-8
Fatass Chipmunk v.1
Fatass Chipmunk v.1 Screencap

Posted by HomeBuying47 @ 09/22/2004 10:42 PM GMT-8
September Newsletter

Posted by Soul Searching @ 09/14/2004 01:38 PM GMT-8
I'm on Hiatus!
I'm not going to be updating for a while....I'll let you all know when I've got more time! Thanks for the understanding! Jen

Posted by Oshaberi @ 09/11/2004 01:08 AM GMT-8
All safe and sound where I am
Well it looks like Iraq isn't half as bad as I once thought it was.   True it's not very great, but at least things are fine where I'm at.  So that I don't violate any OPSEC, I'll just stop here and  say everything is good.  I will return when my time is up.

Posted by retarded culture @ 09/10/2004 05:13 PM GMT-8
Every damn day
Every day, I tell her how much I hate Bremerton, I tell her how much this place drives me insane. Yet when I ask if I can go to her house and escape it, she says no. My mother pretends to be accepting of me and has claimed multiple times that I can go over there whenever I want, but she never holds...


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