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Posted by Art if Something @ 06/05/2005 10:53 PM GMT-8
I, Catherine Hunt, agree to a six month absence of any romantic involvement or relationship.  In addition, I agree to a six month moratorium on discussing, writing, analyzing, pondering, reading about, dissecting the direction, merit or value of any romantic relationship(s) and...

Posted by Molly D. Land xD @ 05/31/2005 01:09 PM GMT-8
ok.... ya. i said id post my Believer music video thing. yep. so ya. heres the link!: Click Here!  ok! yep! i hope you like iT! the sound is all messed up though. so its not actually like.. exactly with the video. but its the best i can do for you guys right now. so ya! bye...

Posted by History of Magic @ 05/04/2005 12:05 AM GMT-8
The Voice of Cassandra -- (Thirteen days before)
(Thirteen days before)        The phone rang, and in the darkness Erica jumped.  Adrenaline pumping, she grabbed at the phone, and got it on the second try.      “Hello?”      “Hey, Erica.  It’s Cassie.  Sorry to...

Posted by lise marie @ 03/26/2005 10:16 PM GMT-8
today i feel...
when your pain seeps through it comes to me i see your face so clearly somehow you seem so far away though i want to reach out and bring you back but i don't know how i can't seem to reach the darkest places within i want to be your sunshine but i guess that's a job for HIM know that...

Posted by Letters to God @ 02/27/2005 08:49 PM GMT-8
Awesome Album Of The Day
Here is my awesome Christian album of the day....I hate how Christian music is put into a small box. There are so many awesome artists out there walking to the beat of a different drum.... Five Iron Frenzy---Our Newest Album Ever

Posted by Stellar Fiction @ 02/20/2005 06:26 PM GMT-8
i didnt get turned on, i just got turned...
oh my god. i met the perfect guy. wears tight pants and makeup. and hes fucking gorgous.

Posted by Krammit @ 02/04/2005 09:08 PM GMT-8
Okay so I haven't used blogdrive in a long time so It'll be a while until i get used to it.....PEiCE!!!

Posted by Whit of Delirium @ 01/24/2005 07:48 PM GMT-8
fragmented me
fragmented fuck safety net falls away from me no one left to turn to gone forever alone I sit in silence and wonder how I got here never blaming lives must be lived around me gone in the blink of an eye why must they always turn black what have I done all...

Posted by Pictures @ 01/20/2005 05:40 PM GMT-8
Krause's Class totally pwned! XD   Tabs and Chelci totally pwn! We were so COOL.

Posted by *The Black Star* @ 01/15/2005 12:18 AM GMT-8
Introduction to Me
This is my 3rd blog, and hopefully it'll be more interesting than the last two, which sucked ass. Anways, here's an intro to me. Name: Shalen Age: 14 Country: USA Sex: Female Status: Single (not really looking either) Fav Colors: Blue, silver, black Fav Singers: Avril Lavigne, Britney...


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