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Posted by First Everythings @ 10/29/2005 04:22 PM GMT-8
When It Rains, It Pours...
Where the hell have you been, Megan? I need some time away. And I definately need something new. Right now I just have a lot of thoughts, but I can't share them with everyone, so I'm packing up my words and taking them some place new. Follow the clues. I'm around here somewhere.

Posted by An Introspection @ 09/18/2004 04:33 AM GMT-8
Welcome to the world, sweet blog!
Well, I realized that if I am to truly keep my blog pure, i need to have another forum for venting my personal stuff. Hence, this blog. I'm not really planning on putting too much intense stuff on here, since, well, it is the internet, and being an RA... well, u get...

Posted by 27 Months @ 10/06/2005 05:04 AM GMT-8
A shameless plea for books!
I am posting this blog update as a way to get some books delivered to my school. My students in my older forms and even some of my younger forms are at a point where their English is good enough for more demanding material. So am wondering if any of you or your friends, colleagues, neighbors, et....

Posted by Queer Attraction @ 09/03/2005 02:57 PM GMT-8
Today is the first day in a long time that i have looked at my blog.  Someone told me that it was heartbreaking in one of the comments.   That's heartbreaking.   Frowny Face.

Posted by My domain! @ 09/02/2005 12:48 PM GMT-8
long time
Man it sure has been a long time since i updated this thing... well i'm done with job corps for the time being... yay

Posted by Salacious Fluff @ 09/02/2005 05:09 AM GMT-8
Worst Case Scenario?
My pay account ran out and my grammar is shot to shit. Rereading these entries I feel like a real douchebag of a person, and a mediocre writer at best. Sites like Myspace will be the end of true blogging. Once well-thought entries will be replaced by quizzes, lists, preferences. This will...

Posted by Beyond the pale @ 08/09/2005 03:17 PM GMT-8
Blogging doesn't work for me
It sounded like an interesting thing, initially. I thought perhaps it would be good for my writing. A different medium, that would take my words in new directions. Inspire me to a certain fearlessness. It did not. I am not a bloggy person. My short stories, I am hording, getting ready for the...

Posted by mivida manifesto @ 06/28/2005 02:27 AM GMT-8
If I had something to write about, I'd update. Life is still the same... I'm sure I could be specific and more writerful, but I'm just not in the mood right now. I've been working 7 days a week the past three weeks. Kill me now, I'm so tired. Plus combine that with my running routine and I'm...

Posted by Thomas Jefferies @ 06/27/2005 11:17 PM GMT-8
Statistical Analysis
Statistics consistently show that 5% of all statistics are made up on the spot.   It simply amazes me how many people hear this all to frequently recited math joke and simply say, "Oh.  Okay," without so much as a flinch of realization that they just agreed with a oxymoronic...

Posted by a Rose is a Rose @ 06/12/2005 02:07 PM GMT-8
Why is it that when I find a guy thats smart and(!) good looking he has to be a jerk? Why is it that when we're talking about history in Europe he looks at my breasts? Why is it that he cant possibly be nice and have morals? I dont understand it. Are my standards too high? Is it too much to ask of...


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