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Posted by CloverPie @ 11/05/2004 04:02 PM GMT-5
and that's why I'm depressed...
1. I haven't seen/talked to the REALLY hott 23 year old film production major, Chris in ssoo long! 2. Homecoming sucked so much it's scary 3. Thomas is my bitch, but I'm sharing him with about 50 other girls 4. My cute little car and I got in a hit-and-run at the uber evil Walmart parking...

Posted by iamamongoose @ 11/04/2004 09:24 PM GMT-5
Coming over but it never was enough...
 Due to the fact that my computer isnt allowing me to do anything involving Internet explorer... I have to make this short because I have to send this to someone else and they have to update my blog for me... *sigh* so just to cut to the main points....... *I hate my computer and I wish...

Posted by Moral Depletion @ 11/01/2004 08:55 PM GMT-5
scratch that entry
not the Aahh one but the one before it. i think this year is going to be really good. i feel very very happy right now. i'm not gonna post on this anymore because i'm through with everything on it. :-) sorry, but this journals dead. bye

Posted by More Than I Seem @ 10/22/2004 03:07 PM GMT-5
New blog!
www.immorethanaface.blogdrive. com

Posted by Dark Kingdom @ 10/19/2004 02:38 PM GMT-5
Changes Since Last Entery
Okay Sorry Iv'e Been Gone for a month But iv'e had to deal with a break up and illness so please forgive me.  Well as you may have guessed Im now single ... and other than that noting has realy changed. Well now that things have calmed down im going to try to keep up with this blog , if...

Posted by Online Journal @ 10/12/2004 10:34 PM GMT-5
Holla from PSU!!
SO here I am a PSU, Way to go STATE!!!So up her e I am in the blueband.!!!GO BAND!!!So,I;m really busy with all my classes!MORE LATER!!! Check me out on im! dancertec

Posted by Fletcher Snippets @ 10/11/2004 07:14 PM GMT-5
Lets get this train moving again
Hello there me hearties.  I hope all is going well for the famous Fletcher kids...I want to hear all about it.  I am going to be checking my email about once a week here at the library, BUT if people start leaving funny/encouraging/uplifting or depressing notes, I just might make an...

Posted by Funshines Place @ 10/09/2004 05:21 PM GMT-8
Iz sick
Hey everyone,   how are ya? Im not doing so good,... im sick and have no voice whatso ever and it sucks cuz im sposed to give my testimony tomorrow at church which is a big bummer.  Well anyways I gotta go Talk to ya later...

Posted by Confused_Energy @ 10/09/2004 07:19 PM GMT-5
Long time coming..;-p
I am restarting an entry from about this time last year. Impressive that I am doing this? Well I feel kinda blase` just listening to different slow tunes...kinda mellow in so many ways I reckon...well all I was trying to do was list a mood for this time of the year...Talk to ya soon...

Posted by Pimpin' Pirate @ 09/25/2004 02:05 PM GMT-5
new site
Yo homeboys. I have a new site now. Actually I've had it for a while. Its rs/fuctupmisfit Its on livejournal, which is way better than blogdrive. So, if you're on livejournal add me cause I need more friends on there. So yeah, I probably won't use this one anymore...


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