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Posted by slightlyusedqtips @ 02/04/2007 02:42 PM GMT-5
The Wizard of Ick
When Ben first messaged me, it was a series of offline messages that I neglected to save, unfortunately.  Within these, he called me "his pretty" and said that he missed me. Riiight... So when I got a reply to the "do I know you message", it just so happened that I was heading off to cook...

Posted by oopsIwentpunk @ 10/30/2006 04:06 PM GMT-5
WOW has been a long time since I have gotten on here. I was just so happening looking through my old emails and saw that I forgot about this blog thing. I alot of things happened to me since I guess the last entry which was like the end of "03" I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone on...

Posted by All That Wander @ 07/28/2006 12:30 PM GMT-5
Moving ForeverWanderlust is now a myspace page, bcause blogdrive is limited and dull go there.

Posted by Let Beauty Awake @ 05/31/2006 08:50 PM GMT-5
...and the sign said the words of the phopets are written on the subway walls.
seems like theres a lot of songs about signs.  so screw grayson.  i <3 his brother addison.  lucky for me he's my boyfriend. oh yeah and...OH MY GOD!  3 DAYS OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT! holy shit... kisses

Posted by Porcelain Heart @ 05/20/2006 10:45 PM GMT-5
"How do you skate?" "I just push off..." "Croshaw? I didn't know they had a name for it."
Holy crap! What happened! I had the longest entry here and now it's gone! This is why I quit for so long, you dumb blog! I just wanted to leave icons anyway.   And just because... You need a new layout. Yep. I'll get around to it one of these days. Please be patient. Ugh. I can't...

Posted by TheHermit @ 04/27/2006 05:32 AM GMT-5
Back I think..
Well I am back again..  I have been away for some time now.  Hopefully I can start updating more or something.

Posted by 106downtown @ 03/30/2006 08:53 PM GMT-5
This is my sanctuary for now. I know no one reads this so I'm going to tell it all. So, Samantha and Jessie, Martha and Ed, Justin and David, Aubrey and Arlie, Jenn and Steve, Betsy and Kyle, Amber and Sean... Kristin and... history? I'm probably writing this because I got really drunk...

Posted by Flaco #1 site @ 03/15/2006 10:48 PM GMT-5
My Number One

Posted by Inside Thoughts @ 02/07/2006 08:57 PM GMT-5
another update
hey, wow its been a minute.       ;  nothing much been going on. But, I was on tagged. and guess who found me? Last time I talked to him was in last years Geometry class, My crush....Jeremy Royal!!! I was so surprised. So we talking, sending each...

Posted by Umm... @ 02/04/2006 05:57 PM GMT-5
In case you were wondering...
Well, it's been awhile. Alot's happened since the last real entry of mine, so here's the Cliff's Notes version of my life from November to present:     I finally finished up a nightmare of a semester at ODU. Those of you who I talk to on any kind of regular basis know that it...


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