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Posted by Mouth of Madness @ 10/18/2013 11:03 AM GMT-5
Somebody still lives here... sometimes.
Well I have once again lost my E-cig so I figure this is as good a time as any to restart the blog since I'm feeling pretty pissy.  Number One Work Pet Peeve:  Someone coming in right ass before quitting time and wanting something done.  Case in point, the very nice lady who...

Posted by Home of the Brave @ 08/21/2013 08:03 AM GMT-5
August 18, 2013 Non-combat Death
1st Lt. Timothy G. Santos Jr., 29, of Helena, Ala., died Aug. 18, 2013 in Fort Bliss, Texas, from a non-combat related illness diagnosed on March 24, 2013 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.  He was assigned to the 4th Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas.

Posted by OccasionalMadness @ 04/01/2008 10:02 PM GMT-8
March Writing Update
Yes, I will be posting this as the start of every month.     = Complete     = In Progress  Sort out Alec's universe once and for of 31 March, 2008:   I am going to bite the bullet on this one and accept it will never be finished as a moderm-day...

Posted by DelusionOfNormal @ 12/31/2012 02:03 PM GMT-5
The Devil is in the Distractions
The Internet, academia, and 24-hour news are highly effective tools of Satan. A deluge of disparate clouds of unfiltered data creates cognitive noise. The intent of which is to inform, yet functions more effectively to distract us from events in life that have personal impact. The siren song of...

Posted by Get Off My Lawn @ 07/04/2008 06:59 AM GMT-5
So, we got a new dog...
We got a new dog today.  Which is to say that the person I live with made me get a new dog by pitching a tantrum worthy of a 5-year old, and never failing to bring the issue up more than three times a day of the fact that one was needed to take the place of Daisy.  I wanted no part in...

Posted by Photos of My Cats @ 01/24/2008 01:16 AM GMT-5
Why Emerald is Mistress of the Pwnage. With Juliet:     And with Bogart:

Posted by Something Weird @ 12/16/2007 07:19 PM GMT-5
You Know What I Hate - Cell Phones
This weeks 'The Economist' had an interesting article discussing the etiquette quandaries posed by new technologies.  To kick off the article, they mention how 'spam' was first invented by a London dentist in 1864, when he sent unsolicited telegrams to London notables, announcing his new...

Posted by foxiedolzs @ 12/15/2007 11:53 AM GMT-8
The Paint Brush
I keep my paint brush with meWherever I may go,In case I need to cover upSo the real me doesnt show. Im so afraid to show you me,Afraid of what youll do - thatYou might laugh or say mean things.Im afraid I might lose you. Id like to remove all my paint coatsTo show you the real, true me,But...

Posted by The Book of Pat @ 11/04/2007 07:46 PM GMT-5
So which way does your brain turn?Mine's going clockwise most of the time.  On occasion I see it switch to counter clockwise. 

Posted by slightlyusedqtips @ 02/04/2007 02:42 PM GMT-5
The Wizard of Ick
When Ben first messaged me, it was a series of offline messages that I neglected to save, unfortunately.  Within these, he called me "his pretty" and said that he missed me. Riiight... So when I got a reply to the "do I know you message", it just so happened that I was heading off to cook...


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