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Posted by Goldfish Brains @ 06/08/2005 01:55 PM GMT-6
Wheehew! Surveys are fun!
Another lame excuse for an "update," or just a general timewaster since I'm so incredibly bored and I love to do surveys. Although no one here knows me. So what is the point? I'll probably just copy and paste this into an email later. Whatever. The Firsts: 1. First real best friend:...

Posted by Amelia the robot @ 11/24/2004 11:47 AM GMT-5
Wikky wikky boom!
So, I now leave for a fun filled adventure to Rhode Island, then to Boston. I'm going to an art opening brunch even! What a new experience. I have a feeling this trip is what I need. What I don't need is people coming over to my house at 10 in the morning when I'm sleeping and waking me up....

Posted by heavy dirigible @ 10/28/2004 12:32 AM GMT-8
WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!! (If Johnny Damon should come across this: please look me up so we can have mad sex and celebrate!)

Posted by diddieslilgirl @ 04/01/2004 08:45 PM GMT-5
i woke up with him this morning
it was sweet i woke up to his im this morning  its what woke me up it was nice to have him right there when i opened my eyes even though all i wanted to do was curl up into him and go back to sleep i didnt talk much takes me a few minutes to wake up when i dont wanna get up this...

Posted by Death In a fire @ 02/10/2004 10:22 AM GMT-5
well, i havent posted in a long time, and i will post more later today... yea...E-mail me some FAQ stuff for the shocker

Posted by emo ninja @ 01/29/2004 09:10 PM GMT-5
waisting time inside this hourglass
some survey i stole from a bored as hell so this is what boredom does to you... LAYER ONE: -- Name: Kate -- Birth date: November 7th 1984 -- Birthplace: VA -- Current Location: VT -- Eye Color: blue -- Hair Color: blonde -- Height: 5'5..with boots 5'7 -- Righty or Lefty:...

Posted by dietrying @ 12/03/2003 10:46 AM GMT-5
wow haven't been here for a while...oh well i've been pretty busy so i guess that's understandable. i'm not going to work today! i love those kids but i defently could use a day off. Me and emma are going to get together on thursday and just kind of fuck around with stuff music wise. were...

Posted by Musing @ 11/15/2003 12:45 PM GMT-5
 time goes by so i can barely feel the air in its wake.    have you ever FELT air. its truly very wonderful. i have noticed something about myself. that is i have an affinity for what i call "small spaces".  i mean the crevices of the world. something about being close to...

Posted by You Can See Now @ 11/13/2003 09:42 PM GMT-5
I'm So Close To Sleeping
listening-Glycerine, Bush* Well, I must apologize for my last entry.  I'm sorry if I scared anyone.  I was blowing off shit. Here's a poem that I'm writting on the spot: Tonight I'm on my knees.  I don't want to hurt anyone anymore, I just want to heal.  I want the wind the...

Posted by MiSh @ 10/17/2003 08:59 AM GMT-8
Song~ Down For Me- Loon Hey... tomorrow is going to kick some ass!! Im having marta over at my dads in lyndon and we're going downtown in lyndonville with some spray paint...:-D.  Like ellis said... Mish and Marta: Dubl Trubl. But anyways me and Marta were kind of mad that theres...


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