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Posted by Alisha @ 11/16/2004 07:09 PM GMT-8.5
Sometimes I think I hate you, And right now I wish I did. Nothing could describe how I feel, For only so much can be said. You cut me so very deeply, Might as well have ripped out my heart. I hope you never experience this, The hurt and pain will never part. If my feelings didn't run so...

Posted by devotchkas @ 09/04/2004 01:27 PM GMT-7
well i woke up today just like anyother day and went to go watch tv when i hear my dad yelling "LINDSAY COME HELP ME" so i grab my jacket go downstairs and our entire basements guest room is full with water and their is a water fall coming from the window seal falling onto the floor. So we have to...

Posted by Shortshit14 @ 08/22/2004 06:50 PM GMT-7
High School Years
  Everyone knows all sorts of things about you and you know it. The thing you dont know is, are the things they know good or bad and are they even true?   Some times you'll hear what's going around, but sometimes no matter how hard you try to fix them people still choose to...

Posted by skellington @ 03/17/2004 11:43 AM GMT-7
i'm moving blogs
hey fans, i'm moving my blog page to m . so come check it out, i'll only be using that one now, although i will still maintain skellington.  thanx.

Posted by Through My Eyes @ 03/13/2004 04:15 PM GMT-7
Lotsa Posting!
Message board productivity has been great lately. I've really been trying hard to think up fun sub-plots and adventures for the whole student body and not just the trio. And thus, our valentines celebration has come off fantastic. Damien, my Elwood, Gryff sixth with the help of his favorite galpal...

Posted by random thoughtz @ 03/10/2004 02:05 AM GMT-7
falling in lust?
So...I met the most amazing girl on saturday. I dunno what it is about her but damn! She is beautiful, funny, cute, sexy, smart. *sigh* We spent saturday night and pretty much all day sunday together, but I haven't talked to her since I dropped her off. :( I'm kinda worried that I like her more...

Posted by Song for the Soul @ 03/09/2004 08:35 AM GMT-7
Now when the rain falls
Now when the rain falls It's heavy and gray It tumbles and pitches through space...   I can remember when rain was soft When you kissed the rain from my face...   Her face turned to the mounting storm, the misty sea like frothing steel.   She clung tightly to the...

Posted by Shar @ 02/17/2004 01:18 PM GMT-7
My life as of now
Well Dad's still in Florida with his sister. Thank goodness it's been very peaceful here without him for the most part. I have my Utah license and any day now my national certificate should be here. Been working hard at the job search the last 2 days and I've already sent out a handful of resumes...

Posted by Mistorie @ 01/30/2004 12:22 PM GMT-7
We broke up for a couple of hours but....
I feel a little disjointed. The other night my whole world was turned upside down and then the following day it was righted again. When does that queezy feeling in my stomach go away? Steve wrote me a Dear Jane letter and hand delivered it to me. To me, this letter seemed to come out of nowhere....

Posted by My Tech Blog @ 01/19/2004 01:09 AM GMT-7
Torque Kicks Ass
Well, as promised I am posting a quick follow up on Torque, it is totally sweet! If you are evaluating Java ORM's I highly recommend Torque!As soon as I am finished i will post a nice Torque tutorial.Cam


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