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Posted by acheh @ 04/04/2008 06:46 PM GMT1

Posted by Russell Heil @ 02/04/2008 09:24 PM GMT-6
A Letter From Nan....Whoever That Is?
I guess that is why He tends to bring people in and out of our lives as to not overload our tendencies to not love.  We have a hard enough time so often just caring appropriately for the few that are around us...yet sometimes it takes a child to remind us of that....

Posted by lounes @ 12/25/2007 02:07 AM GMT-6
a merry christmas
It's Christmas away from home for me again, or should I say away from family.. Actually I'm home alone this Christmas.. My family left for Florida to be with my other sisters and family (aunties, uncles, tatay roming and cousins). But it was not a lonely Christmas after all, not as I thougnt it...

Posted by Songbird Ivory @ 11/23/2007 06:55 PM GMT-6
Summer Harvest
              She scooted across the cool leather seats of her motherís minivan and tumbled out the door into the wet, warm air, her feet sinking into the grass. The dew slipped between the openings in her huaraches so the soles of her feet...

Posted by sushiflower @ 10/19/2007 04:16 PM GMT-6
Good Morning Xanga err i mean blogdrive..! Well my week has been crazy. I missed 3 of my classes.. one on purpose .. and two not on purpose at all.. I have a hard time hearing my alarm when it goes off. I did a speech on the Safety of Texas Bridges.. and I think I actually did very well. I worked...

Posted by CognitiveRendezvo @ 09/30/2007 03:39 PM GMT-6
Coming to an end (or growing up)
After 5+ years of having this blog, I am sad to say that the time has come to end it. As I've entered into the "professional" world of grad school, I realize the importance of being careful about† what I write. While I still love to write about my personal life, I feel I can no longer do...

Posted by thoughts-revealed @ 06/22/2007 10:44 PM GMT-6
Catching up
I have been away for a while. Have been through a lot and missing jotting my thought down for you to read and give comments on. :) In March, my mom passed suddenly in her sleep. She was my everything and it came to a shock to me. Now, I still take it hard that I have no family. No mother. No...

Posted by random musings @ 06/10/2007 11:09 AM GMT-6
no longer a sophomore
first day of summer. this is's been a while since i've written here...and really, i'm just writing because i was thinking that i want someone to talk to. somewhere to write, somewhere to list things out. and then i remembered, oh right, that's why i have a blog.ha, wow, i just read my...

Posted by Holding Family @ 05/17/2007 01:49 PM GMT-6
She is here!
Sabrina Kierey Holding is here!  Rom Tom started having consistent contractions Tuesday morning, and then at 10pm her water broke while sitting on the couch.  Went to the hospital and eventually Sabrina came out the next day. Vital stats everyone seems to need: Born...

Posted by FaithfulFamofFive @ 03/07/2007 09:02 PM GMT-6
my sick boys
Two of my three boys have ear infections!


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