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Posted by RBN - Talk @ 02/24/2010 05:51 PM GMT-6
I have been working on the NEW WEBSITE
The new website is here: Rogue Broadcasting Network

Posted by notassheseems @ 07/22/2009 01:20 PM GMT-6
remember to breathe
He loves me. . . and the weird yet wonderful thing is I love him back. . . But this situation is just horrible because whenever he says that to me. . . My heart starts pounding so hard and fast against my chest. My stomach turns...

Posted by Whoo Hoo Mr. Liu @ 06/10/2009 05:30 PM GMT-6
A Thought for the Ages
Trust is a very fragile thing and one thing can bring it all crashing down around you.  I think we can all agree upon that.  And if so, why do we build friendships upon this?  Optimistic me says I should continue on and give it another go.  Realistic me says it's pointless and I...

Posted by BurghardtFaminJp1 @ 06/06/2009 09:31 AM GMT-6
Field Day
       On Monday, June 1, Sadie's whole school had field day.  The start of the events was delayed about 2 hours because of rain and thunder. We played some bingo ans ate lunch at 10:30 am to pass the time. By 11 the storm was gone ans the kids were ready to head...

Posted by WoodworthFamily @ 05/06/2009 06:45 PM GMT-8
Mother(s) Earth
I don't like animals.  Period.  Which is why I surprised myself enjoying the movie "earth," to which Hannah and Julia dragged me last week.  The film followed three female-led animal families - polar bears, whales and elephants - on their annual migrations...

Posted by 4rm tEh DeSk 0f @ 04/02/2009 12:01 PM GMT-6
Oh God
What is this hilarity.Looking back roughly 5 years later, I realize I was pretty ridiculous.  I'm glad I've managed to retain some of that.Geezaloo why am I posting here.

Posted by DJ Black Jesus @ 06/30/2008 07:59 AM GMT-6
DJ Black Jesus & DJ Double R - Ready When Your Not Vol. 16, A Chi-City Story
01. Kanye West Ft. T-Pain - Good Life // Flashing Lights Transition02. Yung Berg Ft. Shawnna - Us03. Rick Ross Ft. Shawnna & Triple C's - Money Make Me Cum (Remix) (Prod. By Drumma Boy)04. Bun B Ft. Lupe Fiasco - Swang On Em05. Young Jeezy Ft. Trae & Kanye West - I Put On For My City...

Posted by Muse @ 05/13/2008 01:13 PM GMT-6
Layers of Red Paint
   Brian Skins says, "Hey, wait.  One more swig of Jack."    "Come on, Skinny. I wanna see if I'm gonna be a millionaire."  Jest slams the door of Skins's 4runner.  Winter winds blew east, not phasing Jest's bare chubby...

Posted by acheh @ 04/04/2008 06:46 PM GMT1

Posted by Russell Heil @ 02/04/2008 09:24 PM GMT-6
A Letter From Nan....Whoever That Is?
I guess that is why He tends to bring people in and out of our lives as to not overload our tendencies to not love.  We have a hard enough time so often just caring appropriately for the few that are around us...yet sometimes it takes a child to remind us of that....


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