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Posted by The Chin Blog @ 04/12/2004 03:04 AM GMT11
Gawd. x_x
Mood: *~*Drowsy*~* Current Music: *~*Liz Phair - Extraordinary*~* Ugh...I've been really sick for awhile. -_- -sniffcoughwheeze- Man, I haven't posted much either. o.O;; Blech, oh well. It's Easter weekend here where I live, and I got Friday and Monday off. (I wuv extended weekends. ^_^) The fact...

Posted by bmsplaya @ 04/08/2004 10:24 AM GMT-5
dat thurr dirty south

Posted by Echoes of Silence @ 02/29/2004 01:44 PM GMT-6
Okay since lately I've been getting kind of bored with blogdrive I'm gonna be using my Livejournal. I may come back to this one if I figure out to get a new layout on it, I've about used all the ones they have here. So if ya wanna keep reading bout me and my oh so lovely life then check out...

Posted by precious @ 02/27/2004 04:15 PM GMT-5
broken <3's are broken names
i really wish more people would comment. do it. please. it truly makes my day. 1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 2. Am I loveable? 3. How long have you known me? 4. In that time period, have you ever contemplated throttling me? 5. What was your first impression? 6. Do...

Posted by The Green Zone @ 02/25/2004 08:54 PM GMT-5
Tuesday, February 25
Bosco has thrown me another curve. On Monday when I boarded him for the day, the inn-keeper saw -- drumroll please -- that Bosco has tapeworms. It's WAY too gross to go into. Just take my word that he has them. WHAT NEXT??? LOL. Two pills at $30 each later . . . I took him to U.T....

Posted by I am lost without @ 02/23/2004 06:55 PM GMT-6
here and now
I always find myself coming back here after long absences. I avoid this like the plague until i can no longer hold out. I have to come and write, I have to get this pain off my chest. It is as it probably always will be. I miss you. I think about you all day. I think about you all the time. I see...

Posted by Kayla @ 02/23/2004 02:53 PM GMT-6
HA sucked!! Once agian i was strugglin but its all good!!  So yah i got to go home early today cuz i had an ortho appointment but w/ei only got out for like an hour...but yah i came home and got asked by kendal if i liked her mood thing so Yah..i do like your mood thing...LIKE MY...

Posted by Oi vey. @ 02/18/2004 04:13 PM GMT-6
I take it back.
I do not hate men. I hate men in groups.

Posted by Christina_Marie @ 02/16/2004 08:47 PM GMT3
Snow, Snow, Snow
Ok so today is February 16th which you probable already know.  But anyways, it snowed yesterday and we don't have school today, I'm kind of really hoping we don't have school tomorrow which I don't think we will and if we don't I'm probable going to go bowling. I don't know what I want...

Posted by tay's blog @ 02/08/2004 03:23 PM GMT-6
Hey, yeah, i'm leaving an entry for the first time since thanksgiving. pretty sad really. i just decided to put an entry here cuz i'm seeing which one i like best. if you wanna vote for which one you like best, sign the g-book or leave a comment of the one you like best....


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