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Posted by And so it goes @ 01/23/2005 11:07 PM GMT-6
Is it worth it?
I have been wanting to post some pictures from the past few months, but this thing is free so it doesn't give me much of an opportunity to post. I could upgrade the account for a small fee, but no one reads this anyway... do they? I have some good pictures :). I suppose I'll just have to check...

Posted by Only Heart @ 12/05/2004 06:06 PM GMT-8
New Home
I've moved everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the new place: http://www.onlyhope.flirtatio Man I loved blogdrive! But I really needed somewhere to display my blends. *sniff* Blogdriv e has been my home for a very long time now. But change is good. Blogdrive...............If...

Posted by secrets that kill @ 10/31/2004 02:35 PM GMT-6
± begiiniing the tiime`sz Of my secret`sz ±
ok i have decided to come back to my oldest blog .. no this isnt goin to replace my sweetnothings blog .. but this one is  more ..well a secret .. its been almost a year since i "deleted" this blog .. so i doubt anyone would ever think to look here .. i will still post in my sweetnothings one...

Posted by Ashley's life @ 10/25/2004 06:35 AM GMT-6
About me
Name: Ashley Age: 20  (08/09/84)   & nbsp; Location: Memphis, Tennessee Favorite things: Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Dill Pickle potato chips, burning candles, the smell of matches, HGTV, Fall (the season) Favorite bands: A Perfect Circle, Tool, Dashboard Confessional,...

Posted by Whatever @ 09/29/2004 01:24 AM GMT-6
bored as bored can be
This is the third online journal I've started and it'll probably end up deleted like the others, but right now I'm bored enough to try it again. This morning I let my friend and co-worker at rat hell use my car to get his license. We tried yesterday but the computers at the DMV were down and we...

Posted by thisisclair @ 08/09/2004 08:44 PM GMT-6
this is your life...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Intellectual thought of the day: life is like a buffet. take all you can, just don't let yourself explode.

Posted by My World @ 07/25/2004 03:39 PM GMT-6
ha ha
<img src=" m/G/ghettokitty/1047299736_ent rancing.jpg" border="0" alt="entrancing"><br> ;You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves<br>your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling<br>he/she is dreaming.  Quite effective; the...

Posted by ladyincubus @ 07/13/2004 10:01 PM GMT-5
The Job Hunt Continues
Hello all.  I just graduated in May from college and I am still searching desperately for a great job.  I want to break into journalism so badly but I just can't find a job.  The thing that upsets me most is seeing people that have not worked nearly as hard as I have and have found...

Posted by Nadia @ 06/22/2004 10:59 PM GMT-8
I HAVE BEAD NEWS Well for you Blogdrive-ers Im leavin blogdrive for LIVE JOURNAL its better So if you want to see how i am doing click me! Im sorrry I LOVE ALL MY BLOG HOMIES! COME VISIT ME ON LJ AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! And dont worry guys, I'll come visit Just like the old...

Posted by No Walls @ 06/13/2004 09:49 PM GMT-6
The End
SOOOOO.... I've got a new blog... if you'd like to know what it is... leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I'll tag your board if you have one, or, if you don't, I'll leave you a comment... if you don't have a blog, then I dunno... but, anyway, thanks for readin this! ...


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