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Posted by letout @ 09/05/2004 09:36 PM GMT-6
...i was gonna post something... but people would yell at me... so im just gonna go to sleep sad with my thoughts to myself... just letting you know... im very lonely

Posted by HistoryProjectPd3 @ 06/02/2004 05:23 PM GMT-5
  The 1940's By: Stephanie S. and Caitlin M.  

Posted by KatieRULES @ 09/17/2003 10:09 AM GMT11
The Lord of the Rings: Good Movie Good Movie, and its not just for dorks, i watch it...duH! oops, i just condridicted myself. lol.
Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom: Pippen and Legolas Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood

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